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Advanced Carpet Protector with Teflon by DuPont - 1 Gallon

Advanced Protector with Teflon


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Quick Overview

You've just cleaned their carpet and upholstery. Now offer them an added measure of protection with a treatment of Improved DuPont Teflon Advanced carpet and upholstery protector.
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You'll increase your customer's satisfaction! Here are some reasons why...

• Stronger protection against oil-based spills and stains allows client to blot spills before them become stains
• Outstanding dry soil resistance.
• Excellent at repelling spills from penetrating the carpet fiber and causing a spot or stain
• Works great on all carpet fiber types and on water-safe upholstery fabrics
• Contains no CFCs or Solvents, is odor free once dry and is non toxic making it safe for use around people and pets
• Makes carpets and upholstery easier to keep keep. Teflon based protectants will make it more difficult for normal soiling to penetrate into the carpets pile making the vacuum cleaners job that much easier.
• Carpet and upholstery stay fresher, cleaner, brighter longer -- even pre-treated soil- and strain-resistant carpets and upholstery.
• Tried, true and trusted protection for more than 20 years, Teflon is the brand consumers recognize and rely on.

Additional Information

Manufacturer DuPont
Application / Use Carpet and Fabric Protection from spills
Coverage: 1000 sq. ft. per concentrated gallon or 250-500 sq ft per diluted gallon
Directions for Application on Carpet: Suitable for all carpet fiber types. For low-pressure sprayer application pumped to 35-40 psi:
1. Dilute product by mixing one part Teflon Advanced with 4 parts water.
2. Apply with an 8004 Tee jet nozzle at the rate of 200 sq. ft. per gallon of diluted product. Do not aerosolize.

For inline sprayer application from truck mounts:
1. Use manufacturer's recommended orifices or nozzle adjustments to accomplish a dilution rate of 1 part Teflon Advanced to 4 parts water.
2. Use an 8006 Tee jet nozzle. Smaller nozzles are not to be used with truck mount equipment. Pressure at truck mount should never exceed 300 psi at pump outlet.

In either application method:
3. Spray with 50% overlapping spray pattern.
4. After spraying carpet, brush or rake.
5. If Teflon Advanced has been sprayed onto any hard surfaces such as furniture, baseboards, tiles, etc., wipe off before drying occurs.
6. Allow carpet to dry before resuming use of carpet.
7. To prevent material accumulation in spray equipment, clean with fresh water after each use.

Directions for Application to Upholstery and Furniture:
DuPont Teflon Advanced is suitable for water-safe upholstery materials. Prior to treatment, DuPont recommends testing a hidden area of the upholstery. If these is an indication of color-bleed, do not treat the upholstery. Teflon Advanced must be applied to clean fabrics only and must be the last reatment applied to the fabric. it may be applied to the fabric dry or damp after cleaning.

For low-pressure spray application less than 60 psi:
1. Dilute product by mixing one part Teflon Advanced with 3 parts water.
2. Apply with a size 65015 nozzle such as a Spray Systems In. UniJet or equivalent. Smaller nozzles are not to be used. Do not aerosolize.
3. The upholstery should be sprayed in a well ventilated area by holding the spray gun approximately 10-20 inches from the upholstery. Use a smooth swinging back and forth motion. Overlap the previous pass slightly to ensure even application.
4. After spraying the furniture, fabric should be brushed to ensure uniform application.
5. If Teflon Advanced is sprayed onto any hard surfaces, such as wood trim, wipe off before drying occurs.
Dilution(s) 1:4
Approvals Not Applicable
Automatic Discounts Buy 4 Gallons and Receive 10% OFF and Free Shipping for every case purchased
Packaging 1 Gallon | 4 Gallons/Case
pH 5.5 - 6.5 @ Ready to Use
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