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Quick Overview

ODORx C.O.C. is an exclusive combination of chemical odor neutralizers and natural absorbents formulated into a long-lasting dry deodorizer. C.O.C. is effective against odors caused by urine, sewage, smoke, decay, putrefaction, etc. Available in 6 oz. pop top tins and 8 lb. Jars


To remove fire related smoke odors from the air, attics, crawl spaces, insulation, HVAC systems, etc:
1. Spray odor sources such as charred or heavily smoke damaged surfaces until saturated with a dilute solution of 9-D-9 or Double O.
2. Sprinkle 2-4 oz. of C.O.C. per 100 sq. ft. of floor area.
3. To remove the remainder of malodor, thermal fogging is recommended.

To remove doors from furnaces and air handlers:
1. Turn off blower.
2. Clean and/or change filters.
3. Place a shallow container of C.O.C. in the plenum area. When blower is reactivated C.O.C. will deodorize the system.

Pet Odors: Sprinkle as needed under carpet and pad.

If product is too strong simply reduce quantities.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Prorestore
Application / Use Deodorizing Granules - Commercial Grade. Anywhere deodorization is needed.
Dilution(s) Ready to use granules
Approvals Not Applicable
Automatic Discounts Buy 4 Jars (4x 8lb) or 12 Cans (12x 6oz) Quantity and Receive Case Quantity Discounts
Packaging 1 Can (6 ounce) | 12 Cans (12x 6oz)/Case - 1 Jar (8lb) | 4 Jars (4x 8lb)/Case
pH Not Applicable
S.D.S. Left Click to view .PDF | Right Click and Save Link As to Download .PDF
Manufacturer Link(s) Prorestore Products

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