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Quick Overview

The Clarke CA30 17E is a corded electric walk behind autoscrubber with a 17 inch wide rotary pad driver system and 13.2 gallons for both the solution and recovery tanks. This scrubber is used in commercial and industrial environments and is suitable for the cleaning of smooth hard floor surfaces. It must be used by qualified operators and in a safe environment. This machine is not to be used outdoors, on carpets, and on coarse floors.


With the Clarke CA30 17E you can experience the agility of a 17 inch wide cleaning path and the added convenience of a 65 foot safety yellow power cord to improve your cleaning productivity. Engineered for heavy daily use in a variety of commercial applications, the CA30 17E features a heavy-duty cast aluminum assembly housing a rounded squeegee that delivers quick, complete solution pick-up day in and day out.

• Low profile design for cleaning tight, hard-to-reach areas
• Rounded squeegee for easy and complete solution pick-up
• Long, 65 foot safety yellow power cord for non-stop cleaning

Operating your Clarke CA30 17E Autoscrubber:
Machine Start and Stop:
1. Complete the preparatory steps as outlined above.
2. Press the power switch to the “I” position.
3. Use the squeegee handle to lower the squeegee.
4. Press the Vacuum switch to the “I” position.
5. Press the solution switch to the “I” position. (Work simultaneously with the safety switch (1) to control the solenoid valve.)
6. Squeeze the on / off switch (1) and push to move the machine. When switches are squeezed,the brush (29) will rotate, and the solution will flow.

Turning off the machine:
When you have finished using the machine, first remove the brush/pad-holder (refer to the steps mentioned above)
8. Release the safety switch to turn off the brush/pad holder and solenoid valve.
9. Press the Vacuum switch to the “Off” position, and the Vacuum will delay for 5 seconds before stopping work.
10. Press the solution control switch to the “Off” position to completely turn off the solution flow.
11. Press the power switch to the “Off” position. And disconnecting the power cable from the power supply.
12. Use the squeegee lift handle to lift the squeegee.
13. Grasp the handle and gently tilt the machine backward until the guide wheel touches the floor.

Machine operation:
Start the machine according to the description above.
2. Hold the on / off switch, push to move the machine, and start the scrubbing.
3. If necessary, turn off the machine, and adjust the squeegee. (Refer to the steps for squeegee adjustment)
4. If necessary, turn off the machine, and adjust the solution flow with the ball valve handle. (Refer to the steps for adjusting solution flow.)

How to fill the solution tank on the Clarke CA30 17E
Open the water inlet cover and add water to solution tank. Do not overfill the tank. When preparing the cleaning solutions, please follow the dilution rates supplied by the chemical manufacturer. Solution temperature must not exceed 104°F.
Note regarding solution tank solutions - Make sure to use only low foaming, nonflammable detergents suitable for use in autoscrubber type machines. Do not use oxidizers such as bleach or hydrogen peroxide solutions or any corrosive degreaser type products in the solution tank as these will wear and damage internal plumbing and machine components. Low foaming detergents prevent the waste water recovery tank from filling with foam. Excessive foam will render any autoscrubber inoperable and the recovery tank will have to be emptied. If you must use a foaming detergent, make sure to spray liquid defoamer in to the recovery tank prior to use to prevent foam from building.

Waste tank emptying:
When recovery tank is full, a float shut-off device (36) will block the inlet connecting to the vacuum motor. Through a sudden increase of noise from the vacuum motor, it can be considered that the recovery tank is full and requires immediate draining.
1. Turn off the machine.
2. Raise the squeegee assembly.
3. Move the machine to a dedicated draining location.
4. Grasp the handle and tilt the machine backward until the guide wheel touches the floor.
5. Remove the drain hose from the clip, bend the top end of draining hose, and then remove the drain hose cap. Lower the hose to a low level or on the ground to drain the water. Alternatively, place drain hose to a low position or on the ground to make the water outlet face downward, and then twist open the drain cap to drain the wastewater in the tank. After draining is completed, rinse the inside of recovery tank with clean water
Note:When draining the wastewater, the drain hose must be folded or lowered to a lower position, and the cap removed for wastewater to drain. Do not allow the opening of the drain hose to face upward, as it could get wastewater on the operator.

Solution tank emptying:
1. Turn off the machine.
2. Raise the squeegee assembly.
3. Move the machine to a dedicated draining location.
4. Grasp the handle and tilt the machine backward until the guide wheel touches the floor.
5. Turn open the lid of Solution tank counter clockwise, to drain Solution tank completely. Use clean water to rinse the inside of Solution tank. When work is completed, replace the solution tank lid by twisting in a clockwise in direction.

After each use:
When work is done and before leaving the machine, completes the following steps:
1. Remove the brush / pad holder.
2. Drain solution tank & rinse with clean water.
3. Drain recovery tank & rinse with clean water.
4. Complete the daily maintenance procedures.
5. Remove and rinse squeegee assembly with damp towel.
6. Keep recovery tank lid unsealed from tank to allow fresh air to circulate freely

Additional Information

Manufacturer Clarke
Manufacturer Link(s) Clarke - A Member of Nilfisk, Inc.
Construction Heavy duty cast aluminum housing
Handle Cast aluminum with outer formed plastic casing
Motor HP 1.0 hp
Motor Type Brush Motor
Brush/Pad Speed 150 RPM
Pad Diameter 17 inches
Equipped with Pad Driver Yes
Voltage 120 V
Power Cord 65 feet - 20 meters
Housing/Frame Warranty 8 years on rotomolded parts
Warranty | Parts & Labor Parts - 3 Years | Labor - 1 Year

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