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Quick Overview

Compact, lightweight, and energy star listed for use in the tightest residential crawlspace or living area, the Titan XG60 Dehumidifier by Horizon can maintain proper humidity levels in areas up to 8,000 cubic feet. Unit can easily be customized to fit the exact specifications of a job with options such as remote control operation and ducting.


Frequently Asked Questions

Question - The Titan XG60 has controls to set the desired humidity so what should I set the humidity level to on my crawlspace dehumidifier?
AnswerThe Environmental Protection Agency states that indoor humidity, including a crawlspace, should be managed and kept below 60% to prevent possible environmental conditions that will likely produce organic growth, specifically mold. All crawlspace dehumidifier manufacturers use this standard and request that the home owner or installing contractor set the desired relative humidity on the machine to 55%.

Question - I have an in home humidity meter that measures the relative humidity in my crawlspace but it typically registers at least 5 to 10 percent above or below the relative humidity on the digital controls of the crawlspace dehumidifier, why is that?
Answer - Most consumer grade in-home humidity meters with remote crawlspace sensors measure relative humidity correctly but will have a accuracy tolerance of plus or minus 8 percent. So which measurement is correct? Dehumidifiers will always be the most accurate as they have to be able to measure relative humidity within 1 to 3 percent accuracy to effectively and properly function.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Horizon
Model Titan XG60
Type Residential Class Dehumidifier
Crawlspace Dehumidifier
Basement Dehumidifier
Power COP - 2.53 L/KwH
F.L.A. at Rated Conditions (80°F, 60%) - 3.6 Amps
Water Removal 60 PPD (Pints per day) - Rated Condensate Capacity @ AHAM (80°F, 60%)
120 PPD (Pints per day) - Rated Condensate Capacity @ (90°F, 90%)
Process Air 250 CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute)
Operating Range Operating Temperature Range - 33-105°F
Operating Relative Humidity Range - 35-95%
Condensate Pump No internal condensate pump
Controls Digital Control Panel
Drain Hose 12 feet
Filter Built in washable screen filter
Ducting Options Supply Duct - 6 inch Outlet
Hour Meter Digital
Handle Size Heady duty nylon strap with reinforced plastic grip
Cord Length 20 foot power cord
Construction Powder Coated Steel
Weight 40 lbs. - US Pounds
Dimensions 18 x 12 x 12 inches (Length, Width, Height)
Manufacturer Link(s) Horizon Dehumidifiers - Air Cleaning Equipment Brand

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