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Everest HP650 Truckmount

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  • Prochem Everest HP 650 Truck Mount
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Everest Truck Mount


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Product Name Price Qty
Everest | 9.841-099.0 $28,949.18
Everest HP | 9.841-098.0 $29,657.82
Everest 650 | 9.840-984.0 $31,642.63
Everest HP 650 | 9.840-983.0 $32,262.69
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Quick Overview

The Prochem Everest Truck Mount is a top industry performing, fully loaded, truck mount cleaning machine that will level the competition.


• Outstanding vacuum for water restoration, dual wand operation and long hose runs.
Pre-filter Box: Easy clean up between jobs without opening waste tank.
12 Volt Outlet: Plug in floodlight so you can keep working even if the power is out.
Exhaust Detector: Keeps exhaust off operator and out of vehicle.
Auto Chemical Prime: Automatically primes chemical system making set up easy.
Chemical Simulator: Simulates chemical flow without having to trigger want to easily switch between chemicals.
Hot Water Tap: Fills up your chemical jug with hot water to improve chemical performance.
Dual Wand Operation: True dual wand operation for large commercial jobs or high volume cleaning
Shutdown Identifiers: Diagnose cause of shutdown to correct the problem limiting downtime.
Electronic Fuel Injection: Eliminates the need for a governor, improves RPM stability and automatically adjusts for altitude changes.
Console Light: Allows easy to read control panel to be illuminated at night.

Everest HP and Everest HP 650 Models
High Pressure Circuit: Creates up to 3,000 PSI for pressure washing
TL650 Vacuum Pump Creates a staggering 650 CFM

Additional Information

Manufacturer Prochem
Engine Hyundai 1.6 liter | 68 HP | 3600 RPM
Water Pump General Pump 1,200 PSI Max (Everest & 650 Models) General Pump 3,000 PSI Max (HP & HP 650 Models)
Vacuum Pump | Blower Gardner Denver Vacuum Pump TL650 Vacuum Pump | 650 CFM | (HP & HP 650 Models) T408 Vacuum Pump | 408 CFM (Everest & 650 Models)
Kit Complete Installation Kit | Fuel Pump Kit
Water Flow Rate 5.5 GPM
Waste Recovery Tank 100 Gallon Marine Grade Aluminum Waste Tank | Automatic Shutoff
Optional Automatic Waste Pump Out
Wand Prochem Quad Jet Carpet Wand
Water Hose 50 ft. of Inlet Water Hose
Vacuum Hose 150 ft. 2" Vacuum Hose
Solution Hose 150 ft. of 1/4" I.D. Pressure Hose
Product Dimensions 47"L x 30 1/2"W x 39"H
Housing/Frame Warranty 2 Years
Warranty | Parts & Labor 2 Years
Documentation Operation and Service Manuals
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