EZ-Twist - Vaportronic Replacement Disks


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EZ-Disk - Linen - 1 Disk $3.06
  • Buy 12 for $2.40
EZ-Disk - S.O.S. - 1 Disk $3.06
  • Buy 12 for $2.40
EZ-Disk - Vanilla - 1 Disk $3.06
  • Buy 12 for $2.40
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Quick Overview

Replacement disks for use in the Vaportronic Wall Cabinet and the EZ-Twist single disk holders.


BUY 12 DISKS AND RECEIVE 20% OFF SINGLE UNIT PRICE; $3.00 for Single Disk | $2.40 each when purchasing 12 or more.

Available Disk Fragrances:

S.O.S. - Smoke Odor Solution (best for odors associated with smoke and fire damage jobs)
Cinnamon - The sweet, spicy smell—frequently associated with the holiday season—stimulates warm, revitalizing feelings. Its aromatic qualities have long been recognized as a soothing and effective tonic.
Linen - This crisp scent broadcasts a fresh, natural fragrance that is reminiscent of just-washed linens hung in the sun and gently dried by a pleasant summer breeze.
Vanilla - A popular aroma, the sweet smell of vanilla is familiar to almost everyone. It evokes pleasant memories of sampling freshly baked goodies on a winter day or enjoying an ice cream cone in the summer.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Vaportek
Manufacturer Link(s) Vaportek - Simple Solutions for Tough Odors

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