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Gekko Hard Surface Multi Wand and Attachments

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  • Gekko Hard Surface Multi Wand and Attachments
  • 4 Inch Grout Head Attachment for the Gekko Wand AR51D
  • SX 7 Gekko Hard Surface Cleaning Head attachment
  • Underside of SX 7 attachment showing spray jet assembly and vacuum head
  • Gekko 4" Grout Cleaning Head Attachment for Gekko Hard Surface Wand
  • 14" Gekko Brush attachment cleaning a ceramic tile floor
  • Gekko Edge, Corner, and Cove Base Tile Attachment AR51C
  • Gekko 14 inch Squeegee Head Attachment AR51E
  • Gekko 14 inch Brush Head Attachment AR51H
  • Gekko Hard Surface Wand with 4 inch Grout cleaning head
  • Gekko attachment cleaning cove base tile and grout
  • 14 inch Wide Cleaning Head for use with the new style Gekko Wand
  • Gekko Edge, Corner, and Cove Base Tile Attachment AR51C
  • Gekko Wand without any attachments
  • SX 7 attachment with Gekko Wand AR51 assembly cleaning tile floor

Gekko Hard Surface Multi-Wand


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Product Name Price Qty
Gekko Wand (No Attachments) $235.00
Gekko 4 Inch Grout Head $139.00
Gekko 14" Brush Head Attachment $229.00
Gekko 14" Squeegee Tool Head $229.00
4" Gekko Edge, Corner and Coving Head $129.00
Gekko SX 7 Hand Tool $644.82
Gekko Wand with 4" Gekko Grout Head $374.00
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Quick Overview

The Gekko Hard Surface Multi Wand is a very efficient system using a single wand with multiple attachments designed to allow a professional hard surface cleaner to handle any cleaning application.


Large 'spinner style' hard surface tools are great for cleaning large wide open areas, providing high production rates and contained steam extraction cleaning of hard surfaces.

This incredibly versatile hard surface wand is capable of cleaning underneath anything that has legs while only requiring about 3-4 inches of clearance depending on the attachment due to the swivel ring lock connection. You can lay the wand on the floor and still clean as long as you can pull the trigger. No more moving heavy objects, just grab your Gekko Wand.

The Gekko Hard Surface Multi Wand was designed so that a professional cleaner can clean any space with the utmost efficiency. Each of the five different head attachments serves a specific purpose.

4 Inch Grout Head: The 5 Inch Grout Head attachment uses a single 1502 V-Jet delivering a focused, high pressure spray, for restoration or cleaning of grout lines. It's 5 inch head easily gets into tight spaces so soil has nowhere to hide.

14 Inch Brush Head: The 14 inch Brush Head has dual jet manifolds each with two 11001 V-Jets. Two rows of stiff nylon bristles deliver the necessary agitation to break loose soiling from any hard surface. The split manifold design prevents clogging at the vacuum port assuring a thorough extraction of soil and cleaning solution on hard surfaces. This attachment gives the cleaner the high production rates they would normally see from a large 'spinner style' tool, but for hundreds less.

14 Inch Squeegee Head: The 14 inch Squeegee Head is constructed exactly the same as the brush head but with two soft rubber squeegee blades that are replaceable just like the brushes. This tool is necessary when cleaning soft natural stone or finished hard surfaces such as sealed concrete floors that require a more delicate cleaning so as to not scratch the floor or floor finish.

SX-7 Head: The new style SX-7 harnesses the cleaning power of its big brother, the SX-15, with the use of a spinning spray bar affixed with 0502 jets.The high pressure solution causes the two jets to spin at a high rate delivering a powerful, concentrated high pressure ring of cleaning solution very close to the surface. In addition to new styling and design, Hydroforce has incorporated a spray jet in the front nose of the tool. This jet is a 6501 stainless steel 1/4 inch veejet. The corner jet design feature now eliminates the need to go back and detail clean all the corners that the old circular style SX-7 or other manufacturer hand spinner tools would leave uncleaned. The SX-7 head attachment is the most aggressive attachment for cleaning hard surfaces.

Edge & Corner Head: The name says it all. Easily clean corners and cove base tile and grout.

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Manufacturer Hydroforce
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