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Quick Overview

Bio Blast is a natural, safe and non-toxic blend of live bacteria designed for the cleaning and instant deodorization of most hard surfaces, drain lines, grease traps, garbage and waste receptacles, septic tanks, cesspools, drain fields, holding tanks, porta-toilets, sewage treatment centers and other problem areas where bad odors exist.


Bio Blast Features:
• A special surfactants and solubolizing agents work together with the bacteria to penetrate to the heart of odors and virtually digest the source problem. When added to drain lines, BIO BLAST works to digest and liquefy organic waste material, while at the same time eliminates offensive odors.
• Is especially useful in the cleaning and controlling of bad odors in the restroom area like around urinals and toilet bowls as it actually digests uric acid salts. It is designed to consume organic materials that hide in cracks and crevices
• Is an effective cleaner in removing odors caused by urine, feces, vomit, blood, milk, wine, coffee and greasy soils.

Additional Information

SKU CL016491232-GSP
Application / Use To Clean & Deodorize Toliets, Urinals, Floors, & Other Hard Surfaces
Mix solution per dilution instructions. Apply solution with mop, cloth, sponge or spray bottle. Wipe clean. No rinsing necessary. For problem areas apply undiuted on surfaces until soaked.Allow to thoroughly air dry.
To Maintain Drain Lines & Grease Traps:
Mix solution per dilution instructions. Please note the special instruction for bacterial colony.
Best results are achieved when product is added in the evening when drains are least used. The use of automatic dispensing systems equipped with a timer will insure constant programmed application rates.
To Digestodors and Soilin Carpet:
Mix solution per dilution instructions. For pet odors apply undiluted and blot up with absorbent cloth.Always test carpet for color fastness.
Dilution(s) To Clean & Deodorize Toliets, Urinals, Floors, & Other Hard Surfaces:
Dilute 4-6oz. per gallon of water. To Maintain Drain Lines & Grease Traps
Initial drain treatment should include doubling the recommended dosage to establish the bacteria colony.
For daily drain line maintenance add 4-6oz. of concentrate directly into drain or sink daily. To Digestodors and Soilin Carpet:
Dilute 6oz. per gallon of water in spray bottle and apply to problem area.
Packaging 1 Quart | 12 Quarts/Case
pH Unavailable
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Manufacturer Link(s) Cello Professional Products

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