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Quick Overview

ProCotton IronMan Bonnets from Bonnet Pro are the results of 7 years of field testing using a variety of materials such as wool, long and short staple fibers, virgin and pima cottons in all in a variety of tufting formats. The end result is our TRD bonnet.(Total Reach Design)


If the loop is to long the bonnet pontoons or floats on the carpets surface. If the loops are too short like a terry type bonnet they are not long enough to reach past the carpets tips. IronMan uses a .456 loop that is staggered like a tires tread to penetrate and reach in deeper for more soil extraction and provides a true two sided clean, they don't bleed through. And don't forget IronMan`s toughness. ProCotton IronMan bonnets are the longest lasting cotton bonnets made today. The fibers are sourced in the US and they are manufactured in the US for better quality and sustainability. You deserve the best, you deserve ProCotton IronMan Bonnet

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Manufacturer Bonnet Pro
Manufacturer Link(s) Bonnet Pro Systems

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