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Cimex USA produces heavy duty scrubbing machines for high production rate encapsulation cleaning of commercial grade carpeting. The Cimex Cyclone's patented three-head mechanism, incorporating a counter rotating planetary system, not only ensures a more thorough cleaning action, but also allows greater operational control with a torqueless action. This three-head system makes the operator's task much easier as it eliminates the tendency to "slide" which can be encountered with a single head machine. With production rates of 2,000 to 3,000 square feet per hour and chemical cost at less than One Cent per square foot, the Cimex Cyclone is the only machine for commercial encapsulation carpet cleaning.
Founded in the 1930s Cimex provided the Royal British Navy the 3 head, counter planetary motion machine. Today they manufacture and distribute various machines for escalators, hard floors, scrubbers, grinders, carpets, fans and ozone generators. Located in Tallmadge Ohio Cimex can be reached at 1-330-630-4021.
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  1. Cimex Cyclone CR48CM 19" with carpet brushes

    Cimex Cyclone CR48CM 19"
    The Cimex Cyclone CR48CM is the most advanced agitation and encapsulation carpet cleaning machine on the market today. The unique Cimex triple brush, planetary counter rotation system achieves agitation and scrubbing action that no other machine can match at the rate of 2,000 to 3,000 square feet per hour. Learn More

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