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Quick Overview

The TZ 2 Ozone Generator by International Ozone is the most modern, technically advanced system on the market today for fast, effective ozone production. Total Zone uses a patented corona discharge technology know as "SP-ARC," Silicate Polarized Arc. This new process allows the Total Zone ozone generator to produce higher concentrations of ozone then any competitive model with little or no maintenance.


Potential markets for Total Zone Ozone Generators
Hospitals, Movie Theaters, Commercial Office Buildings, Schools, Nursing Homes, etc. Any structure that would benefit from a system to control and/or eliminate bad odors in the indoor air environment. A great example of how ozone production controls a bad odor source is with large trash compactors in densely populated urban areas. An ozone generator that is permanently installed and ducted directly into the compactor destroys odors caused by garbage and prevents them from contaminating indoor and outdoor air quality near and around the compactor.

Directions for using Ozone Generators to decontaminate smoke and fire damaged contents
You will need a container or space that can be sealed to get the best results. A cool, low humidity environment provides ideal operating conditions for ozone generators. Some restoration contractors will use shipping containers directly on the job site to ozone the odors out of smoke damaged contents.

Additional Information

Manufacturer International Ozone
Timer 12 hour with Hold
Ozone Output 3000 milligrams per hour
Blower Air Volume 100 CFM
Fan 100 CFM Fan with ABEC #5 Bearings
Volts / Amps Primary | Volts 110 | 2 Amps
Secondary | Volts 2 x 14000 | .35ma
Cycles 50 | 60
Manufacturer Link(s)
Product Dimensions 12.25" x 9" x 6"

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