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     Founded in 1984, Rokan Reels is a privately owned company that manufactures coated steel hose reels installed safely and securely into service vehicles used mainly by professional carpet and upholstery cleaners. Located in Linden, Michigan, Rokan Reels can be reached at 1-810-735-9170.
     Rokan Reel's vacuum reels are available in a wide array of configurations and sizes to fit in most vehicles. Vacuum storage reels come standard with manual re-wind as do the smaller solution hose reels. All vacuum reels have a swing stop that our technicians can easily mount to either side of the reel. This keeps the reel from moving while the vehicle is in transit to and from jobs. An optional electrically driven motor provides fast, power assisted re-winding of vacuum hose that grants the operator a few key benefits; less operational fatigue, faster transition times to and from each job and the ability to clean the vacuum hose as it is being rewound. While a manual re-wind vacuum reel is common and usually the less expensive option for a new startup, electric re-wind is favored by seasoned one person truck operators as well as large multi truck commercial cleaners that count on their trucks ability to tackle 10+ jobs in a single work day. All Live Vacuum reel setups are built to order so please take this into consideration when planning and scheduling your next truck mount installation. Live vacuum reel setups are recommended to accompany larger vacuum blower equipped truck mounts producing over 400 CFM such as the Prochem Everest 650, Everest 650HP, Sapphire Scientific 870, Hydramaster CDS models, and Cleanco Compact 47 and 56 direct drive truck mounts. It is also recommended that all of the vacuum hose be completely unwound from the reel during truck mount operation when using live vacuum to ensure the least loss in vacuum performance due to potential turbulence caused by coiled hose left on the vacuum reel.
     Rokan Reel's solution and fresh water hose storage reels are available in two different capacities along with six different mounting options. All solution and fresh water storage reels have the ability to be made "Live" with either a high pressure or low pressure inline swivel kit. "Live" solution or fresh water hoses are always connected to the truck mount or fresh water tank. Mounting options for solution and fresh water hose include single and double reel floor mount, vacuum reel A-frame mount, rear door wall mount or custom wall mount using steel bar stock and stainless steel hardware. Another mounting option is the stack bracket that allows two reels to be mounted in a vertical stack orientation that bolts to the vacuum hose reel's A-frame. 

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  1. Solution Reel Mounting Brackets

    Solution Reel Mounting Brackets
    Support two solution reels with the Dual Self Supporting Stand on the floor of your van or use the Stack Bracket to support two reels on the side of a vacuum hose reel. A single self supporting stand and wall mount bracket are also both available options. Learn More
    Starting at: $30.00

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  2. Make it Live Swivel Assembly

    Make it Live Swivel Assembly
    The high or low pressure swivel assembly converts the standard solution reel to live operation eliminating the need to take all of the hose off the reel to attach it to the truck mounted equipment. Saves time, less hassle, longer hose life! Go Live today!Learn More
    Starting at: $80.00

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  3. Vacuum Hose Reels

    Vacuum Hose Reels
    Quality constructed steel Vacuum Hose Reels by Rokan Reels are available in 200 ft, 250 ft, motorized 250 ft, and 300 ft sizes. Learn More
    Starting at: $371.00

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  1. Rokan Reel Solution Hose Reel S23 with Vacuum Reel Mount Bracket

    S23 Solution Hose Reel
    The S23 model storage reel is constructed of welded tubular steel that is dip finished with a durable, black, gloss paint. This reel can be used to store up to a 450 foot continuous section of 1/4" high pressure solution hose or 150 foot of 5/8" fresh water "garden style" hose.Learn More
    Starting at: $151.27

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