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Mediclean Germicidal Cleaner Concentrate is an E.P.A. approved hospital grade disinfectant and cleaner in an economical concentrated form with so many EPA registered uses, they had to put them on an extended label, included with every gallon of course!


Mediclean GCC is a moderately alkaline, quat-based, dilutable concentrate formulated with a combination of alkaline builders, water softening agents and soil suspending agents plus fully biodegradable surfactants and a broad-spectrum disinfectant active. This combination gives Mediclean GCC excellent cleaning ability and optimal germ-killing capacity and even residual fungal control. Mediclean GCC is effective on all these levels to stop bacterial and fungal growth on surfaces after water damage. It is also registered as a laundry additive as an antimicrobial product. Many homeowners also appreciate its mild mint or lemon scent.

Economical - Dilution ranges from 8 ounces per gallon to ½ ounce per gallon. Depending on the application, therefore, one gallon of GCC will provide from 16 to as much as 256 gallons or almost 5 drums of ready-to-use solution!
Flexible - Mediclean GCC can be used for a range of applications, including typical floor cleaning and disinfection to barn disinfection, ultrasonic cleaning and disinfection and even for underwater diving equipment. It's well-suited for surfaces that have been affected by contaminated flood water.
Broad efficacy - Mediclean GCC is effective against some high profile germs including HIV-1, Norovirus, MRSA, Hepatitis B and C virus, and Influenza. Restorers can reassure their end-customers by pointing out that GCC can handle these nasty germs and viruses.
One-step convenience - In flood situations, it is a big advantage to have a product that cleans, deodorizes and disinfects in one step. Having a detergent in the disinfectant formulation is also an advantage over using bleach.

Mediclean Germicidal Cleaner Concentrate works well in dilution and has great cleaning abilities. It's particularly effective for sewage losses. Its broad spectrum of kill claims makes it an exceptional choice for normal water loss situations as well. It's so effective and versatile, it can even be used in medical facilities where bacteria and virus protection is critical.

This economical heavy duty cleaner is a disinfectant, fungicide, virucide, sanitizer, mildewstat and deodorizer all in one. Mediclean Germicidal Cleaner Concentrate is effective against a broad spectrum of bacteria (including MRSA), inhibits the growth of mold and mildew, and deactivates viruses such as Influenza Type A (including H1N1 Swine Flu), Avian Influenza, HIV-1 and many others.

Mediclean GCC is great for cleaning and disinfecting non-porous personal protective equipment such as headgear, hard hats, respirators, full-face breathing apparatus, goggles, spectacles and hearing protectors used on Category 2 and 3 jobs. Mediclean GCC is truly the proven all-purpose product!

Application: Apply with a compression sprayer, foam generator, pressure washer or an airless paint sprayer. Use two ounces per gallon for general cleaning and disinfection. To sanitize nonporous surfaces, use a mixture of 0.5 ounces per gallon. For safety data for this product, refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet, available under the Documents tab. Sanitizes nonporous surfaces at 0.5 ounce. Porous surfaces will require a larger amount of product during application.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Prorestore
Application / Use Concentrated germicidal cleaner, disinfectant, sanitizer, fungicide, ,mildewstat, virucide, deodorizer, bactericide for household, hospitals, institutional and industrial uses that is effective in hard water up to 400 ppm harness.
Dilution(s) 2 to 4 ounces per gallon of water to disinfect hard, non-porous surfaces. For heavy-duty cleaning use, add 8 oz. of product per gallon of water.
Approvals EPA Registered
Automatic Discounts Buy 4 Gallons and Receive 10% Off.
Packaging 1 Gallon | 4 Gallons/Case
pH 12.4
S.D.S. Citrus - Left Click to View | Right Click and Save to Download | Microban GCC
Mint - Left Click to View | Right Click and Save to Download | Microban GCC
Manufacturer Link(s) Microban | Prorestore Products

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