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Quick Overview

The Phoenix 200 HT is the ultimate in low grain refrigerant dehumidification and high temperature performance. The 200 HT is the first LGR dehumidifier designed to maintain maximum water removal capacity through ambient conditions up to 120°F.


The Phoenix 200 HT, featuring its patented technology, not only allows superior performance and greater CFMs in high ambient temperatures, but also exceeds the performance and efficiency of the original Phoenix 200 MAX under all conditions.

Faster Drying Means Happier Customers

The Phoenix 200 HT's ability to perform in temperatures above 90°F offers two major advantages over other standard LGR's. First, drying at higher temperatures speeds the evaporation of moisture in the structure when compared to cooler temperatures. Second, the Phoenix 200 HT reduces the need to remove drying equipment to control temperature inside the affected area.

The downward-focused exhaust airflow directs dehumidified low-grain air toward the floor, while a raised base improves drying directly under the dehumidifier. The Phoenix 200 HT also features a recessed condensate outlet, inboard wheels, increased airflow with higher static pressure and an improved skid plate design.

As always, Phoenix dehumidifiers feature significant air filtration. The standard 65% MERV 11 filter removes over 90% of seven-micron particles (the size of a human red blood cell). This filtration improves the air quality in the areas being dried and assures the continued optimal performance of the refrigeration system.

The multiple ducting options on the Phoenix 200 HT allow for ducting both the intake air and the filtered, dehumidified exhaust air.

High Temperature Performance

The Phoenix 200 HT is designed to maintain water removal capacity up through 120°F. In order to accomplish this, Phoenix engineers created a highly effective method of bypassing ambient air over the condenser when ambient temperatures are above 80°F.

Above 80°F - When used in high temperature conditions (above 80°F), the refrigerant pressure inside the condenser rises. By removing the grain control magnet from the by-pass openings, additional airflow is directed over the condenser and less airflow is directed across the evaporator. This airflow lowers the refrigerant pressure in the condenser while also slowing down the air across the evaporator, which allows the air to reach its dew point.

Between 50°F and 80°F - When used in normal dehumidifier operating temperatures (50°F to 80°F), the grain control magnet should cover the bypass openings. This allows increased airflow across the evaporator and increases performance by increasing the amount of air that is dehumidified.

Below 50°F - When the Phoenix 200 HT is used in very cool operating temperatures (below 50°F), frost will form on the evaporator coil as it dehumidifies. When enough frost forms, the defrost thermostat will initiate the timed defrost cycle. The cycle periodically turns off the compressor while allowing the blower to run. The grain control magnet should cover the bypass openings in this operating range because the increased airflow and static pressure will help defrost the evaporator more quickly and efficiently.

Additional Information

SKU 55135
Manufacturer Phoenix
Model 200 HT
Type LGR | Large Class | Xactimate Code: WTRDHM>>
Power 7.2 amps, 110-120 VAC, Grounded
Water Removal 135 pints/day @ AHAM (80°F, 60%) | 250 pints/day @ saturation | 31 gallons/day maximum @ saturation
Process Air 380 CFM
Operating Range 33°F to 125°F
Controls Solid State Digital Control Board
Drain Hose 33 feet
Filter 4024969 | 16” x 20” x 2” Pleated Media MERV-8
4021475 | 16” x 20” x 2” Pleated Media MERV-11 (Standard)
Ducting Options Intake | 12 Inch Flex Ducting
Supply | 10 Inch Lay Flat Ducting
Hour Meter Digital
Handle Size Build In | Non-adjustable
Cord Length 25 feet
Construction Rolled Edge Stainless Steel Cabinet
Weight 130 lbs
Dimensions 20 x 23 x 40 inches (L x W x H)
Manufacturer Link(s) Phoenix Restoration Equipment

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