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Quick Overview

The Foam Rail cross bar works with the SLP or Kit 20 poles to create a virtually airtight seal by pushing its foam edge against the plastic and ceiling. Two 5 foot foam rails with T-clips included.


Each rail is 5 feet long and is made of strong, lightweight aluminum. Spring Loaded Poles or Side Clamps, both of which are not included, hold it in place and it takes just seconds to install with out damaging a thing. See it in action, watch the short video demos listed on this page.

• Fits on 12 foot and 20 foot SLP poles
• Comes with Two T-Clips that are used to mount the poles anywhere along the Rail.
• Foam Rails can be overlapped to fit any configuration or to create a super air tight seal
• Never do unnecessary damage; no tape, no staples, no furing strips, no ladders. No Nonsense Containment!
• An SLP pole or Kit 20 pole is required for each Foam Rail cross bar. These poles are not included with the purchase of foam rails.
• No pole is needed if using the Rails with the Side Clamp wall mount. The Side Clamps are not included with the FR2.

VIDEOS: Foam Rail Setup Demonstration
VIDEOS: Foam Rail Cross Bar

Note:The Foam Rail cross bars push the plastic or barrier material against the ceiling but do not hold the material securely in place. You must set up your barrier using the ZipWall® poles placed 8 to 10 feet apart. This makes an incredibly secure and tightly sealed barrier.

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