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Dry Smoke and Soot Removal Sponge

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  • Dry Smoke and Soot Removal Sponge
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Dry Soot Removal Sponge

Quality Rubber Co.

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Quick Overview

Cleaning with dry porous smoke and soot removal sponges are a must when restoring a fire damaged surface, removing soot from walls, ceiling, and other surfaces damaged by a fire or puff back. The industry standard smoke sponge measures 6.0 x 2.75 x 1.5 inches (L x W x H) and is available individually or by case of 36 sponges.


These specially designed sponges, used during the restorative cleaning process of a fire damage restoration job, effectively remove smoke and soot from hard surfaces before the wet cleaning procedure begins.

Inspecting a room or surface for Smoke and Soot Damage: Press down onto surface with sponge with light pressure and wipe downward or towards you. . You will notice black residue on the sponge if a surface has soot and smoke damage. If grey or brown residue is found, the surface is likely just dusty. Dust alone will not blacken a sponge.

Procedure for cleaning and restoring finished surfaces: Wipe on wall in single stroke motion. Do not rub the sponge back and forth on the wall. If sponge begins to smear particulate, switch out the sponge with a new one and continue the process.

These sponges are specifically designed to be used alone, on finished, restore-able surfaces WITHOUT cleaning solutions. Dry sponges will not work when wet to clean smoke or soot particulate but will instead smear the soiling, likely causing staining or make the surface that much more difficult to clean and restore.

Frequently Asked Questions regarding the use of smoke sponges:

Q1 - Can dry sponges be washed or laundered and reused multiple times to save on job supply costs?
A1 - Yes, dry sponges can be reused but must be thoroughly washed in a degreasing solution and dried completely before use. Sponges can be used for as long as their outer surface remains in a good enough condition that allows the sponge to hold and suspend particulate on its surface without releasing it easily back onto the surface. In talking with our customers, contractors should be able to get a few washes out of a sponge before having to toss the sponge and open up a fresh case.

Q2 - There is a seam running down the middle of the sponge, can the sponge be torn in half along the seam to get more use out of each sponge?
A2 - No. There are two reasons why not. Firstly, the middle seam of the sponge, once exposed, is a layer of adhesive from when the two parts are fused together in the manufacturing process. The adhesive layer will not grab and hold particulate and will smear, grind, and push around the smoke and soot particulate. Secondly, the exterior surfaces of the sponge are by design extremely porous with lots of tiny little holes that grab and hold soot. The interior surface when cut doesn't have the same surface properties and will not complete the cleaning task.

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