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Sonozaire 5G Ozone Generator

Sonozaire 5G Ozone Generator


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Quick Overview

The Sonozaire 5G Ozone Generator is designed to provide high levels of ozone to specially constructed treatment areas for odor neutralization of smoke or other odor damaged materials. The 5G is also widely used by automotive sales and service centers and fire damage restoration contractors.


Sonozaire Odor Neutralizers are industrial ozone generators. They produce ozone electronically from oxygen in the air. These units do not use any chemicals, operate unattended and need only occasional cleaning and maintenance.

The Sonozaire 5G Ozone Generator contains electronic components to generate ozone, using only small amounts of electricity.

Sonozaire ozone generating machines are built of heavy-duty aluminum construction. Industrial ozone generators are designed to be used in uninhabited areas, or used at volumes that are limited by OSHA or EPA regulations. All models, except the 5G, allow users to adjust the ozone output according to the level of odor and the desired duration of treatment. The model 5G has an adjustable timer with continuous maximum output of 5 Grams per hour.

The Sonozaire 5G is different from the rest of the entire Sonozaire Ozone Generator product line in that it is designed for maximum ozone output at a consistent volume to create very high ozone concentrations in the treatment area.

The Sonozaire 5G is compact in design that translates into a highly functional mobile ozone generator. The 5G model does not create ozone using large and fragile glass tubes that the other units (115A, 330A, 630A) use. The electrodes are housed in an impact resistant transformer base allowing to the unit to be quite mobile and handle constant daily use no matter where the job takes you.

The Sonozaire 5G is designed for odor neutralization and contents restoration:
Automobiles, RVs, Boats, Campers, Buses, Planes...
Smoke and odor damaged materials and contents from a Fire Damage Restoration.
Furniture, House Wares, Clothes...

Additional Information

Manufacturer Sonozaire
Timer Adjustable timer with continuous maximum output
Ozone Output 5000 milligrams | 5 Grams per hour
Blower Air Volume @50hz 333 cubic meters per hour
@60hz (cfm) 239
Volts / Amps 140 watts
Manufacturer Link(s)
Product Dimensions L x W x H - 12 x 10 x 10 in.

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