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The Judson TNT Truckmount is the most reliable and easy to maintain truck mounted cleaning machine available to the carpet cleaning and restoration industry. The TNT is an extremely dependable machine designed with over 40 years of truck mount manufacturing and vacuum system experience. Continuous cleaning temperatures up to 250+ degrees for hours on end and a powerful #45 Roots blower deliver cleaning power that is unmatchable at this price.

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The Judson TNT was built to support both Professional Carpet, Upholstery, and Area Rug Cleaners and also the needs of Restoration Contractors.
• Customizable high pressure capable solution heating system with LP gas Little Giant Water Heaters that deliver 250+ degree cleaning temperatures even when the temperature outside is below freezing. Wish you had heat with your high flow tile and grout cleaning tools, the 4HT-HP or 4HT-XP has you covered with unprecedented water heating capabilities.
• 120 Gallon recovery tank gives professional more time to clean without having to find a dump site.
• Extremely simple to operate for less stress. Fast and simple new technician training
• NO special or proprietary parts. Aside from major components like the engine, blower and water pump, the highest costing part to replace on a Judson TNT is LESS THAN 100 dollars. (It's the pressure regulator)
• 120 Gallon Recovery tank is STANDARD which is DOUBLE the capacity of most truckmounts available. Such a large waste tank eliminates the use or need of an external automatic pumpout saving you thousands on the total cost of the unit.
• The Little Giant Heating System is separate from the Judson TNT truckmount and can be installed at a later date when high temperature cleaning becomes necessary.
• Super simple operation allows water extraction crews to start extracting immediately upon arrival to the job site.

A few words from the Pros:
"In over 20 years of operation my company has really put some truckmounted carpet cleaning machines to the test. I started my business with a Judson TNT Dual from Sun-Belt USA. As my business grew and I needed another machine, I added a second TNT Dual. Both are still working in the field today."

"About three years ago I decided to try a different brand from another dealer. Guess What!? The old Sun-Belt units have pulled us through faithfully due to recurring mechanical problems with the new machine I purchased. I have been very satisfied with the performance, reliability and ease of maintenance of the TNT truck mount I had Sun-Belt install." Ronnie Buffington, IICRC Master Restorer - Buff's Cleaning and Restoration

"We were the first steam carpet cleaners in North Carolina (started in 1969). We have tried many different machines and have been offered service by many different manufacturers. Over the years we have grown and expanded, and now specialize in fire and water restoration, covering a radius of 100 miles with a fleet of 14 trucks."

"Sun-Belt helped us grow by supplying us with high quality machines, supplies, and superior service over the years. They know their equipment and provide information so we can quickly make repairs, most time by phone, so our down time is at a minimum."
"Out Nitro SS unit is a good example of quality equipment. It's small...fits nicely in small trailers, yet is extremely powerful, simple to operate, easy to maintain, and has less down time. All of which makes it a better investment for us." Carl Sherman / Jerry Hamilton - Professional Home Care

Additional Information

Manufacturer Judson
Request For Quote Yes
Engine 20.5 HP Kohler Command Pro CH640 | Air Cooled Engine
Available Engine Modifications: Engine HP Upgrades - 25 HP or 27 HP EFI, Propane Engine Upgrade also available
Water Pump Cat Pump 3CP1120 | 2200 PSI Maximum Discharge Pressure
Vacuum Pump | Blower Gardner Denver Sutorbilt 4MVR | ~450 CFM | 360+ CFM Tested with 200' of 2" Vacuum Hose attached
Kit Installation Kit include all necessary installation hardware. Battery required.
Water Flow Rate 4.2 Gallons per Minute
Waste Recovery Tank 120 Gallon Stainless Steel | 10 Year Rust through warranty
Wand Not included with truckmount. Any wand or tool can be added to a quotation or purchase at a discounted rate
Water Hose 50' of Fresh Water Inlet Hose with fittings
Vacuum Hose Not included - Add as much or as little vacuum hose as you wish. Sun-Belt recommends a minimum of 200' of 2" Vacuum Hose
Solution Hose Not included - Add as much or as little solution hose as you wish. Sun-Belt recommends a minimum of 200' of 1/4" High Pressure, High Temperature Solution Hose
Product Dimensions H x W x D - 48" x 28" x 50"
Housing/Frame Warranty 10 year rust through warranty - 1000's of units sold, not a single claim on the recovery tank.
Warranty | Parts & Labor Original Manufacturers warranties on engine, vacuum blower, and water pump
Manufacturer Link(s) Judson Truckmounts and Cleaning Solutions

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