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Quick Overview

The KOOLGLIDE® PRO System is a totally new way to install carpet and other flooring materials. Now with Low, Medium, and High heating options.


With KOOLGLIDE PRO you remotely activate a hot-melt adhesive tape. Through the remote activation many of the problems of the 30-year-old hot iron method are eliminated.

The KOOLGLIDE System works on carpet, wood and tile, giving you better quality and lower cost installation.

The KOOLGLIDE system is safe, green and easy to use. That’s why major carpet mills, trainers, retailers and top installers endorse KOOLGLIDE installation.

What makes KOOLGLIDE PRO cool?

KOOLGLIDE PRO installation is good for the installer, the retailer and most of all, the flooring buyer. Unlike the hot Iron, the KOOLGLIDE PRO never touches the melting glue or the material to be attached.

Remote heating - KOOLGLIDE PRO works on a principle called induction heating to remotely heat the tape. Induction heating uses a radio frequency energy field to induce current flow in the foil that is layered in the special tape. This causes the tape to heat up quickly which then activates the adhesive.

Smart tool - KOOLGLIDE PRO gives you consistent seaming. That's because a microprocessor runs the tool. This microprocessor calculates the carpet thickness then puts out exactly the right amount of heat so that you get consistent melting without burning the glue or backing. You always get just the right amount of heat.

Universal-adhesive - The KOOLGLIDE tape is special too because our exclusive, low melt formula works on all backings - actionbac, softbac, Axminster - the KOOLGLIDE works on all of them.

Great for carpet, hardwood, laminate, ceramic tile and many other flooring materials - While the original KOOLGLIDE excelled in only carpet seaming, new features and new tapes now let you use this tool for many blind fastening jobs. How about using utility tape for securing the first course in hardwood and laminate flooring? Or simple tile back splash? Or stair treads? The utility tape lets you use the KOOLGLIDE PRO for many applications.

Note: The KOOLGLIDE PRO is not suitable for structural applications and it is not a moisture barrier, so always test the application first. These ideas should not be considered a specification for any specific application.

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Manufacturer Kool-Glide
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