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Quick Overview

Pros Choice's D.C.I. Light is a technical inspection and chemical activation tool for use by professional, educated carpet cleaners that understand the relationship between UV light and chemistry to aid in the removal of colored contamination stains from difficult fabrics and unusual fabric blends, typically on very fine fabrics, antique fabrics, delicate fabrics and finer upholstered furnishings. The DCI Light helps carpet cleaners detect urine with high contrast and provides safe, gentle color removal with Stain Magic's oxidizing stain removal properties. Pros Choice's D.C.I. Light is a must have tool for high end home pre-inspection and stain removal.


Pro’s Choice DCI Light, with D.C.I. standing for Detection, Chemical Activation, & Inspection. This light comes with 3 separate tubes to accomplish these functions.

1. A long wavelength UV tube for Urine Detection.

2. An unfiltered UV tube that emits both UVA & UVB electromagnetic frequencies. It is used to increase the reactivity of Stain Magic or any oxidizing stain removal product, giving you gentle but thorough removal of the impossible stains such as Curry, Mustard, Wood Furniture, etc. without using heat or super aggressive methods that could potentially damage or pull color from the stained carpet or upholstery fibers.

3. A blue-white bright tube for general carpet inspection.

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