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X Cide Odor Eliminator by Pro's Choice


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Quick Overview

X-cide is the newest technology in odor removal, integrates the science of chemical absorption, pairing, modification, and encapsulation to safely and permanently eliminate odors without leaving objectionable fragrance or sticky residue behind.


For strong embed odors (Urine, vomit, feces):
Prepare a dilute solution of 1 part X-cide concentrate to 8-16 parts water. Flood the contaminated area sufficiently to soak the surface and liberally penetrate into all sub surfaces where the odor may have migrated. Allow a 10 minute dwell time then vacuum away excess solution from the area. If possible allow area to dry before cleaning. Odors should be gone within minutes. If odor remains it is because X-cide has not been in contact with all the contamination.

Important Note:
If cleaning must be performed at the time of treatment, apply the X-cide to the dry carpet prior to any cleaning and remoisten surface fibers with X-cide after the cleaning.

For surface odors:
Prepare a dilute solution of 1 part X-cide concentrate to 16 parts water. Spray apply this solution to wet out the contaminated area and allow the area to dry. A ULV fogger may be used for this application… when using this method of application wear an NIOSH approved organic vapor respirator during the process.

Pet bed, upholstery, & mattresses odors.
X-cide is an excellent treatment to eliminate odors from pet beds, upholstery or mattress odors. Prepare a solution of 1 part X-cide to 16 parts water. Using a trigger sprayer, mist the surface of the fabric and brush gently to improve penetration. Allow to dry before using.

General malodor of carpet, pet runs etc.
To eliminate pet body odors from carpets, automobiles, pet runs, etc. Prepare a solution of 4 oz. X-cide concentrate per 1 gal. water. Use a pump type sprayer to evenly apply the solution. Allow area to dry before using.

For cleaning solutions:
X-cide can take your efforts to the next level by not only cleaning but also giving you a fresh crisp surface that resists odors. Mix X-cide directly into your cleaning solution at a ratio of 1 to 2 oz. Of X-cide concentrate per gal. of cleaning solution. Proceed to clean using your normal cleaning process.

Treatment of Skunk odor transfered from a pet onto upholstery, carpet, or other surface:
Prepare an 8 to 1 dilute solution of X-cide. Using a trigger sprayer, wet the contaminated surface. Gently but thoroughly brush the area to assure contact between all contamination then blot or vacuum away the solution. Re-wet the area with the X-cide solution. Do not rinse. Allow surface to dry completely.

Putrefaction is the decomposition of animal proteins, and results in the formation of amines which have a putrid odor. Noxious Sulfide / Mercaptain odors are also produced in this environment.

Corrective procedure:
Remove the visible contamination and prepare an X-cide solution of 8 parts water to 1 part X-cide concentrate. Flood the area with the X-cide solution. Agitate with a brush and allow a 10 minute dwell time during which the X-cide will be absorbing odorous material and separating contamination from the substrate. Vacuum away the X-cide solution and liquified contamination. Prepare your detergent cleaning solution and add 8 oz. X-cide concentrate to each gallon of cleaning solution. Use this solution in your extraction cleaning procedure. Allow area to dry completely.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Pros Choice
Application / Use • Urine, feces, vomit, skunk etc.
• Pet bed, upholstery, & mattresses odors.
• Deodorizing shampoo for animal care.
• General mal-odor of carpet, pet runs etc.
• Freshen up while cleaning.
• Putrefaction (decomposing flesh and organic matter)
Dilution(s) Strong Odors | 16:1
Moderate odors | 32:1
Light Odors | 100:1
Approvals VOC Compliant
Automatic Discounts Buy 12 Pints and Receive 10% off!
Packaging 1 Pint | 12 Pints/Case
pH @ Ready to Use: 7.0
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