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Quick Overview

Never damage another wall. With the ZipWall® Side Clamp and Foam Rail, you can create a tight seal without tape. The Side Clamp™ wall mount snaps onto the Foam Rail™ cross bar and then pushes the plastic against the wall to create a dust tight edge.


It's a crazy looking tool but it's quick and easy to use. Take a look at the link to a short video demo listed on this page, one shows the Side Clamp™ wall mount in action. Each Side Clamp™ wall mount is made of polycarbonate and is very tough. This product can easily fit into the ZipWall® carry bag with poles and Foam Rail™ cross bars.

Note: In some situations where you have large crown moldings and base board heat on the same wall the pole may be to far from the wall for the Side Clamp™ wall mounts to reach.

VIDEOS: Side Clamp Usage Instructions and Demonstration

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SKU 57816
Manufacturer Zipwall
Manufacturer Link(s) Zipwall Barrier Systems

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