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Benefect Disinfectant Wipes

Benefect Disinfectant Wipes


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Quick Overview

Benefect's newest product: Strong, Durable Biodegradable Wipe! Sanitizes in Just 30 Seconds! Specifically designed for the needs of the restoration contractor and heavy duty jobs.

• Decontaminate & Disinfect in One Easy Step
• Fast 30 Second Kill!
• Kills Over 99.99%

EPA registered to kill over 99.99%* of common disease causing organisms such as Staph, Salmonella, Pseudomonas, E-coli, Influenza (flu virus), MRSA, Enterobacter and Rhinovirus. The convenient single-use wipe will prevent cross-contamination on any surface where germ control could be an issue.


Combining the same proprietary thyme oil Active Ingredient that Benefect is known for, with a new, extremely durable, wood pulp wipe, creates a Restoration Grade product that is strong enough to tackle rough surfaces like wood and concrete with no shredding, pilling or lint left behind.

Adding the Benefect Decon 30 platform to a dense woven wipe also gives it a distinct foaming advantage that ensures longer contact time to kill germs and improved visibility of surface coverage over conventional wipes. Surfaces are left clean and decontaminated with no streaky residue.

Just wipe and walk away!

Ideal for decontamination, preventing cross-contamination, cleaning, disinfecting and deodorizing surfaces such as equipment, PPE, or building contents. Also ideal for controlling the spread of germs by disinfecting high-touch areas in residential or commercial cleaning.

Like all Benefect products, only authentically sustainable components and botanical ingredients are used. The Benefect Wipe does not contain any silicone, binders, filler or other chemical additives.

• No synthetic chemicals
• No label warnings or precautionary statements
• No PPE required for use (environmental conditions may dictate otherwise)
• No rinsing after application is required, even on food contact surfaces!

Suitable For use on hard, non-porous surfaces in residential, medical, commercial and restoration applications associated with fire, grey water, fungal contamination and trauma scene remediation including: health care facilities, food preperation facilities, hospitals, nursing homes, medical, veterinary & dental offices, day care facilities, health professional, chiropractic & physiotherapy clinics, hotels & motels, restaurants & bars, kitchens, cafeterias, food storage areas, fitness gyms, spas, schools, zoos, barns, kennels, planes, trains, automobiles & ambulances.

Contains no synthetic fragrances, dyes, ammonia, alcohol, chlorine, bleach, volatile solvents or volatile organic compounds. Will not harm hard non- porous surfaces. Creates no harsh fumes, and leaves no harmful residue.

Effectively eliminates odors including those from odor-causing bacteria and fungi on concerete, wood framing & studding, finished wood-work, trim, sealed wallboard, carpet pad & subfloors.

Here are 5 ways to use Benefect Disinfectant Wipes in Restoration:

Disinfectant Wipes are simply a convenient way to disinfect. The single-use wipe can decontaminate and disinfect in one easy step. The wipe is registered with the EPA to kill over 99.99% of bacteria in just 30 seconds! Here are five ways a restoration contractor can use Benefect Disinfectant Wipes to their advantage.

To Disinfect Tools and Equipment
Decontaminating tools and equipment is a very important final step on the job. Some companies prefer to bring the equipment back to the shop to be cleaned before going to the next job but sometimes you may not have that luxury. A quick wipe of the equipment will disinfect andprevent cross contamination from one job to the next.

To Disinfect Contents:
Contents that have been affected by flood water or sewer back-ups should be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. Whether this happens on the job site or back at the shop on a contents cleaning line, disinfection should be a part of this cleaning process. While having a spray bottle of disinfectant on hand can also do the job, there will be some items where a wipe will be more effective to clean and disinfect with one handling.

Disinfecting Multiple Surfaces:
Disinfectants are registered to kill organisms on hard non-porous surfaces. We all know, however, that a typical restoration job also has porous surfaces to be cleaned including concrete and wood. With this in mind, Benefect created a strong durable wipe that won’t shred, pill or even leave lint behind on the roughest of surfaces.

Disinfecting Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):
Just like tools and equipment, personal protective gear needs to be decontaminated after each job. Due to the frequency of going in and out of contamination chambers, there is a very high potential of carrying microorganisms on protective clothing, gloves and masks. Proper donning and doffing technique is obviously the most important factor, however, keeping a pail of disinfectant wipes in the exit chamber to wipe down PPE will help to minimize the spreading of any contamination.

Use in disinfecting High-Touch Surfaces:
Performing deep cleaning services after an outbreak of a particular organism can take time and a lot of attention to detail. Using disinfectant wipes on all high-touch surfaces will speed up this process saving time and money. Focusing on light switches, door handles, facets, water fountain knobs, cupboard handles, fridge handles, etc. Janitorial staff will commonly use the same rag to clean multiple surfaces, which will simply move around the organisms. The single-use wipes will prevent this cross-contamination and ensure an effective delivery of the disinfectant to kill germs.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Benefect
Application / Use Directions for Use:
It is a violation of Federal law to use this product in a manner inconsistant with its labeling. For heavily soiled or greasy areas, pre-cleaning is required.

To Open Package:
Flip open dispensing flap. Pull up corner of center sheet and thread through slot in lid. Replace lid and pull wipe at an angle; the next sheet pops up automatically.

To Clean:
Wet the surface with the wipe & wipe clean.

To Sanitize & Deodorize:
1. Use to sanitize/deodorize hard, nonporous non-food contact surfaces. Wipe surface; use enough wipes for treated surfaces to remain visibly wet for 30 seconds. 2. Let surface dry. No rinsing is required (even on food contact surfaces). For highly soiled surfaces, clean excess dirt first.

To Disinfect:
1. Wet the surface with the wipe. 2. Leave visibly wet for 10 minutes. Allow to air dry. No rinsing is required (even on food contact surfaces).
Tightly close lid between uses to retain moisture. Dispose of wipe in trash after use. Do not flush. Non-refillable container. Do not reuse or refill this empty container. Offer empty container for recycling. If recycling is not available, discard in trash.

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