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IICRC Class Schedule | Professional Training for Cleaning, Restoration, Remediation, Safety, Business, and more.

Our schools will help give you the technical skills and practical knowledge needed to successfully expand your business and increase your profits.

We select instructors that teach and help you learn.You deserve the best and that is what we intend to give. Our mission for student education is to provide the following:

  • Teachers that really teach, not just profess their knowledge.
  • A comfortable atmosphere and the ingredients needed for an enjoyable learning experience
  • Help students get to know each other because sharing information is key
  • Knowledge of skills and proven procedures because this builds confidence. You, your business and your customers win… No One Out Performs Their Knowledge!
  • Sun-Belt strives to provide the best educational program available. We hand pick our teachers to give you the absolute most for your money.


Sun Belt 2018 Class Schedule

January 17th - 18th Mark Cornelious IICRC - SRT
Fire and Smoke Resoration Technician
January 19th Mark Cornelious IICRC - OCT
Odor Control Technician
February 7th - 9th Mark Cornelious IICRC - WRT Water Restoration Technician
February 27th - March 2nd Mark Cornelious IICRC - AMRT Applied Mold Remediation Technician (WRT Certification Required)
March 22nd - 23rd Craig Jasper IICRC - CCT Carpet Cleaning Technician
April 18th - 19th  Mark Cornelious IICRC- SRT Fire & Smoke Restoration
April 20th Mark Cornelious IICRC - OCT Odor Control Technician
May 2nd - 4th Mark Cornelious IICRC- WRT Water Restoration Techician
May 11th John Otero
CPA CPA Odor Removal Class
May 15th -18th Mark Cornelious IICRC - AMRT Applied Mold Remediation Technician (WRT Certification Required)
May 31st Jeff Peterson Stone & Tile Cleaning
June 1st Various Customer Appreciation Day
June 21st - 22nd Melody David IICRC - CRT Color Repair Technician
August 29th - 31st Mark Cornelious IICRC - WRT Water Restoration Technician
September 18th - 21st Dick Driscoll IICRC - AMRT  Applied Mold Remediation Technician (WRT Certification Required)
October 9th - 10th Craig Jasper IICRC - CCT Carpet Cleaning Technician
October 11th - 12th Craig Jasper IICRC - UCT Upholstery Cleaning Technician
October 25th - 26th Craig Jasper RSA Trauma Trauma Remediation
November 7th - 9th Aaron Groseclose IICRC - RCT Rug Cleaning Technician (CCT OR UCT Certification Required)
December 7th Business School
January 23rd - 25th Mark Cornelious IICRC - OCT/SRT Odor Control / Fire Smoke Technician

To enroll in our classes, please call Rodney @ 1-800-334-8418

Sun Belt Classes


Policies & Pricing

Pre-Registration is Required & Classes Are Limited. To secure a spot, it is best to call as soon as you know you will be able to attend. Our customer service representatives will be glad to help you with questions and availability. A $50 deposit is required when you sign-up to attend a school. Payment is to be made (prior to the school) by check or credit card in the full dollar amount of the class required.

Cancellations.  If you are unable to attend a class you have pre-registered for, please call to cancel your reservations 72 hrs. prior to the school and Sun-Belt will refund the deposit. Preparation is important to ensure a successful school. Cacenllations made 3 days (72 hours) before the school will receive the full refund.

Lodging & Travel. These expenses are the responsibility of the student.

Scholarship Program. One-half of the school tuition is paid by Sun-Belt for each company that has purchased $2200 of products from Sun-Belt within 12 months prior to that school and is currently abiding with Sun-Belt payment terms. Please note that RSA Mold Remediation, RSA Trauma RemediationRug Cleaning Technician, OSHA Training, Carpet Spotting, and the Business Schoolare NOT included in the Sun-Belt Scholarship Program.


  • 1 day schools = $175
  • 2 day schools = $285
  • 3 day schools = $395
  • IICRC Testing Fee | $65
  • OSHA Training | $285
  • IICRC Mold | $1199
  • RSA Trauma | $285
  • Carpet Spotting | $99
  • Rug Cleaning | $395
  • Business School | $249

Contact Us For More Information

Pre-registration is required. Classes are limited. IICRC fees are optional and manuals are required of each student. For more information about the schools contact Rodney Gaines or call us toll-free at 1-800-334-8418.

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