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Hydroforce Brush Pro Machines

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Brush Pro CRB


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Quick Overview

The Brush Pro by Hydroforce is a top quality, commercial grade, counter rotating brush machine designed for rigorous usage in both commercial and residential cleaning of carpet and hard surfaces. The Brush Pro is available as a 10 inch, 17 inch or 20 inch wide model. Special Price for a limited time


CRB machines (Counter Rotating Brush) like the Brush Pro are great for all types of carpeting. The counter rotation of the brushes comb, straighten, and lift the carpet fibers providing the cleaners with a big advantage. When using a CRB machine like the Brush Pro for prespray agitation, you are allowing the prespray to work much more effectively without adding to your cleaning time. After use, the carpet fibers are left standing at attention, making the hot water extraction method that much more effective at removing suspended soil. A better clean in no time is what you'll get out of the Brush Pro or any counter rotating brush machine that you add to your carpet cleaning process.

Industrial Strength Stainless Steel Construction
• Durable stainless steel body outlasts all other materials.
Brush Pro Machine
• New motor is 50% stronger than previous models • Reputation - 20+ years of building the industry's most durable machines for encapsulation.
• Non-stop cleaning - Clean for over 24 hours without fear of the machine overheating.
Versatility Use the machine that does it all. Clean both carpet and hard surfaces equally well with one machine.
Brush Pro Machine
Carpet - Compound dry cleaning | Encapsulation dry cleaning | Pile lifting | Dry soil removal
Hard Surface - Floor washing | Scrubbing/drying | Tile and grout cleaning
Rugs - Splash-water proof construction is IP 54 certified allowing you to use the Brush Pro in several inches of water for scrubbing submersed rugs.
• Super quiet operation and nearly instantaneous drying allows you to clean during business hours; opening up a world of new clients including casinos, airports, hotels, hospitals and more where hot water extraction is just not feasible.
Superior Cleaning
• Heavy-duty motor spins brushes at an incredible 380 RPM to quickly and thoroughly clean all sides of the carpet fiber.
Brush Pro Machine
• Included Renovators allow you to collect soil that normal vacuuming is unable to remove. This makes for a great demo. Have your customers vacuum right before you use the Brush Pro for dry soil removal and they'll be amazed at how much additional soil you remove.
Brush Pro Machine
• Cylindrical brush agitation carries the soil from the bottom of the pile to the top so it can be encapsulated and removed later through vacuuming. Pads drive the soil deeper into the pile and leave "blooms" that have to removed later.
• Pads are not effective at cleaning uneven surfaces like grout lines, while the Brush Pro excels at removing soil on difficult-to-clean surfaces.
Brush Pro Machine
•The Brush Pro is a machine that can be used by anyone. Simply pull back the handle to start and begin cleaning carpets at a much faster rate than standard hot water extraction.
• Lightweight construction and small footprint allows the technician to easily store the Brush Pro in a janitor's closet, in a van or other locations where space is at a premium. It also makes cleaning around furniture and other obstacles incredibly easy.

Technical Data - Brush Pro 17"
Weight: 47lbs
Motor: 600W/110V/60 Hz
Brush Rotation: 380 RPM
Sound Level: 57.8 db
Cleaning Rates (Dry Compound): Up to 1,500 sq. ft/hr
Cleaning Rates (Encapsulation): Up to 3,000 sq. ft/hr
Renovator Attachments: Included
Splash Proof for Hard Surface cleaning: Yes

Technical Data - Brush Pro 20"
Weight: 51lbs
Motor: 700W/110V/60 Hz
Brush Rotation: 390 RPM
Sound Level: 57.8 db
Cleaning Rates (Dry Compound): Up to 2,000 sq. ft/hr
Cleaning Rates (Encapsulation): Up to 3,500 sq. ft/hr
Renovator Attachments: Included
Splash Proof for Hard Surface cleaning: Yes

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Manufacturer Hydroforce
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