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Burner Jet for 2HT, 3HT, and 4HT Little Giant Water Heater

Burner Jet

Little Giant Manufacturing

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Replacement burner jet for Little Giant Heater Burner Rings.


Brass propane burner jets for both the 2HT and 3HT cast iron burner rings.
Burner jets can be removed and cleaned with a pipe cleaner and a strong degreaser to remove soot deposits. Maintenance of the burner ring and burner jets can be completed once a year to

DO NOT use a drill in an attempt to remove build up. Increasing the bore size of the jets will result in improper and many times, dangerous operation of the heater.

Troubleshooting Tips: Does the flame come out the bottom of the heater or does the burner flame float?
1. Vent is stopped up.
Unstop Vent.
2. Diverter or starkap is off.
Install diverter or starkap
3. Wind is blowing down into heater.
Install diverter or starkap
4. Burner jet orifices are too big.
Install new burner jets. Ofifice size 68 (1/32)" on LP gas 2HT and 3HT heaters. Screw thread size 5/16" X 27

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SKU LG640J69
Manufacturer Little Giant Manufacturing
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