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Quick Overview

The Dri-Pod from Dri-Eaz is the small, stackable, portable, powerful floor dryer carpet and tile cleaners have been wanting.


Enhance evaporation and quickly remove surface moisture with the Dri-Pod! The Dri-Pod pulls warm, dry air from above and directs it down through a louvered grill in a 360° pattern across the entire floor. With airflow up to 10 ft. across, the ultra-portable Dri-Pod is perfect for speed-drying carpet, tile, vinyl or hardwood in smaller spaces or use 2 or 3 Dri-Pods in a larger room.

Dry faster. The Dri-Pod directs air across the floor in all directions accelerate drying. Pulling hot air from above down to increase evaporation rates.
Save time. Use the Dri-Pod to dry carpets or hard surface floors quickly after cleaning, leaks or spills. Simply place the unit in the area to be dried, and then leave it to work while you move onto the next task. Bring the Dri Pods in with your wand and hoses and set them to the side. After an area has been cleaned, put the Dri Pod to work immediately for best results. The Dri Pods should be the last thing you pick up to allow for optimal drying time.
Dry confined spaces. Use the Dri-Pod in confined spaces like cabinets, closets, bathrooms, closets, foyers - it's 15 inches wide so fits almost anywhere.
Move easily. At only 10.6 lbs, the Dri-Pod is very easy to transport. Simply pick it up and carry it! Easily stack 3, 4, 5 or more in your cleaning vehicle taking up around 1 square foot of space.
Workflow-friendly - Place the unit in the area to be dried and then leave it while you go to work on the next space. In many cases, the first room will be dry when you're finished working on the second room!

• Its rapid and turbulent air flow provides evaporation exactly where it is needed: on surfaces.
• The Dri-Pod removes moisture from building materials and surfaces where moisture-related problems such as mold, odors and other unwanted indoor air quality issues are most likely to occur.
• The Dri-Pod quickly dries areas that are a slip and fall risk on job sites.
• Multiple Dri-Pods can be used to dry larger areas efficiently.

Compact, energy-efficient, easy to use, easy to transport and store - the Dri-Pod is perfect after cleaning and a perfect complement to larger, high-velocity airmovers like the Velo and Sahara Pro X3.

Weight: 10.6 lbs
Power: 1.1 amps
Air Movement: 750 CFM

Video Courtesy of Flooring Expressions Floor Care - Torrey Whitaker

What professional cleaners and restorers are saying about the Dri-Eaz Dri-Pod
"The Dri-Pods are great little fans. I use them mostly for tile, carpet and upholstery. I use them every time I can for tile and hard surfaces. They are really good at drying surfaces like kitchen countertops and tile floors before I seal the grout. I also use them on upholstery where I can tip the Dri-Pods back up to blow air over the whole area. It's a super practical fan - small and compact, stacks great for transportation."
-Jim Martin, Beyond Clean, Tucson, Arizona

"I carry four of the Dri-Pods on my truck. They are great! Light weight and move a lot of air for the size. They stack in the truck. I put them in the room after cleaning and cycle them through the house as I clean. Customers want to buy them from me quite often. For the price especially, they are a great buy. I would suggest getting at least a couple at first."
-Aaron Markham, Quality 1st Carpet Care, Inc., Tacoma, Washington

Additional Information

Size Gallon
Manufacturer DriEaz
Manufacturer Link(s) Dri-Eaz | A Legend Brands Company

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