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Chemspec Dry Fabric Cleaner - DFC4G - 1 Gallon

Dry Fabric Cleaner


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Quick Overview

Dry Fabric Cleaner is a safe, gentle yet effective cleaner for type S and WS fabric or upholstery cleaning. Use with hand cleaning methods or solvent approved upholstery extractors. This upholstery cleaner does not contain chlorinated solvents that attack the ozone layer.


Developed to clean “dry clean only” fabrics - Dry Fabric Cleaner was developed to efficiently clean fabrics which can not be cleaned using traditional wet cleaning methods for upholstery, drapery, or clothing.

Special formulation to loosen and remove varied soil types- The special formulation of selected solvents has given Dry Fabric Cleaner the ability to remove a wide variety of fabric soils no single dry solvent is able to do. The result is an “across the board” cleaning ability to efficiently bring soiled fabrics back to a high appearance level.

Balanced evaporation cycle - Dry Fabric Cleaner’s selected solvents provide efficient cleaning with a balance evaporation cycle resulting in reduced chance of increasing flammability. The result is greater safety during the drying process.

Can be used with either hand method or machine dry cleaning techniques - With a higher flash point (160º F) Dry Fabric Cleaner has increased safety when used in conjunction with traditional hand or specifically designed upholstery, drapery, or clothing dry cleaning equipment. The result is increased safety for cleaning personnel and decreased chance of unwanted injury by fire.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Chemspec
Application / Use Developed to efficiently clean type S and WS upholstery and fabrics which cannot be cleaned using traditional wet or hot water extraction methods.
Directions for traditional hand upholstery cleaning techniques on code S and WS fabrics and upholstery:
1. Do not dilute. Use Dry Fabric Cleaner by pouring our desired amount, usually about 1 to 2 quarts or enough to cover the bottom of a tall bucket, keep towels saturated with cleaner, use then return to bucket as necessary during cleaning.
2. Pour 1-2 quarts of Dry Fabric Cleaner into a clean solvent resistant bucket.
3. Check fabric for "solvent crocking" in an inconspicuous area. Crocking is considered the movement of dye in either liquid or dry agitation.
4. With cleaner, grab a wet white absorbent towel folded into a pad.
5. Wring out excess cleaner. NOTE: To avoid skin contact wear solvent resistant nitrile gloves
6. Wipe fabric to be cleaned using short vigorous strokes against the fabric "grain". Turn and/or rinse pad as necessary.
7. After cleaning, wipe fabric of excess cleaner using a dry white absorbent towel.

For use in specifically designed dry cleaning equipment :
1. In order to avoid contamination of unused product, do not return left over or unused solvent to original container.
2. Use dry cleaning solvent sparingly. Excessive solvent residual will significantly increase drying time.
3. Do not use equipment that is not specifically designed for dry cleaning solvents.
4. Do not allow dry cleaning solvent to contact non-fabric surfaces. if this occurs, immediately wipe dry with a clean absorbent cloth.
Dilution(s) Ready to use
Approvals Not Applicable
Automatic Discounts Buy 4 Gallons and Receive Case Quantity Pricing
Packaging 1 Gallon | 4 Gallons/Case
pH Not Applicable
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Manufacturer Link(s) Chemspec - A Legend Brands Company

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