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OEM replacement 3HT Copper Heater Coil

3HT Copper Heater Coil

Little Giant Manufacturing

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5% off 3HT standard coil through June 31st Replacement Copper Heater Coil for 3HT standard pressure model Little Giant Water Heaters.


This is a brand new, replacement copper heater coil specifically for the 3HT model Little Giant Water Heaters.

If your heater coil is leaking, it is time to think about ordering a replacement copper coil as the leaking coil has developed a weak spot, also known as a stress point. Due to the natural expansion and compression of the copper coil, it will not be very long until that small leak becomes a large leak or completely bursts.

For carpet cleaners, there are two major reasons for premature failure of the copper heater coils.
1. The Pressure Relief Valve is no longer functioning properly, allowing unsafe water pressure levels (over 900 PSI) through the copper coil and bursting the copper tubing. This usually occurs at the base of the heater coil and will likely be in the form of a half circle.

2. The copper coil was allowed to freeze when full of water. This will usually weaken or crack the silver solder joints. This permanently weakens the solder joints and when pressurized to normal operating pressures can easily cause the copper coil to fail.

Did you know that a loss of water temperature could be due to buildup of mineral deposits in the copper heater coil? Look in the Top coil header through the Hot Outlet to see mineral accumulation. Clean coils with Hydrochloric Acid, such as Steamway's Truckmount Descaler. Check with a local auto shop that specializes in radiator/cooling system work if you don't feel comfortable performing this task.

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