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Over 20,000 professional carpet cleaners can't be wrong. Hydro-Forceā„¢ Injection Sprayers connect to your pressure line and automatically draw concentrate from the 5 quart container to achieve the desired dilution ratio so you know your putting down the same amount of chemical on every job.


Injection Sprayers are one of the most versatile tools that a carpet cleaner can have on their van. Purchase multiple jugs to store different types of presprays, protectors, deodorizers, etc making it easy to switch chemicals from job to job if necessary. An injection sprayer is easily one of the best tools for applying carpet protector because it allows the user to apply exactly the same amount of solution to every job. This assures an even application of protector in the hands of a professional cleaner.
Bottles of Solution showing injection sprayer capacity

Pressure Washer Style Gunjet with Heavy-Duty Stainless Steel Extension and 8004 size Brass Spray Tip
Usable Pressure Range: 100 to 1000psi
Chemical strainer to keep the AS08's DEMA valve clean from any debris.
Multiple dilution tip sizes available for different dilution rates.
Flow though Quick Disconnect fittings on Gunjet keeps you from kinking up the hose.

5 Quart Rotomolded Plastic Jug with Side Fill Screw Top. Jug holds wand firmly in place during transportation
Innovative 5 Quart Container for AS08 Injection SprayerInjection Sprayer Bottle has Side Fill Cap

Pre-Spray and Traffic Lane Applications | Injection Sprayer AS08

Hydro-Force injection sprayers eliminate the hassles of measuring and mixing. We recommend you keep an extra 5-quart container or two on your truck to make sure you never run out and to facilitate quick changes of your chemical containers. Remember that Hydro-Force sprayers automatically mix at a 1 to 8 ratio. If your 5-quart container is full then that is the same as holding an 11 gallon pump sprayer of regular, ready to use pre-spray.
Hydro-Force injection sprayers offer better penetration and overall coverage than other sprayers. It is therefore possible to pre-spray your jobs up to 45 minutes before that area needs to be cleaned. An effective way to use the Hydro-Force sprayer for pre-conditioning is to start at the door coming into the house; spraying all the traffic areas, and work your way to the farthest point back in your job. You have then completed your pre-conditioning in just seconds and are prepared to hook up your wand and start cleaning your way out.
On larger jobs, or jobs involving more than an hour of cleaning time, it is recommended that you pre-spray an area that will take no longer than 45 minutes to clean. You can then hook up your Hydro-Force again and pre-spray another large area.

Application of Carpet Protectors | Injection Sprayer AS08

This highly profitable procedure is often passed up on many jobs because it is too big of a ‘hassle’. Operators will not mention the availability of protectors because they are running short on time and must hurry to their next job, or they don’t want to take the time to rinse tanks then measure, mix and pump.
Hydro-Force injection sprayers bypass these hassles and encourage you to apply carpet protectors. Go to your machine, shut off the chemical and, if you prefer, your heat. You should then take a 5 quart container with clean water (adding an ounce or two of acid or vinegar will help) to your Hydro-Force injection sprayer unit. Take off your traffic lane bottle and put on clean water. Run your Hydro-Force injection sprayer for approximately 20 seconds or until all soap is out of your lines. You may then put on your 5 quart container with carpet protector in it. Your product should be concentrated and diluted at 1 to 8 for application on damp carpet. If this is a difficult dilution to reach you may remove the metering tip to obtain a 1 to 4 ratio. If you are using Scotchgard® or a Teflon® product on dry carpet you should dilute them 1 to 1 with water before you use them with a Hydro-Force injection sprayer. Whether you use Maxim™ or another product, you will find that a 5 qt. container will go a long way. 5 qts. diluted 1 to 8, gives you 11 gallons of ready to apply protector. With a coverage rate of 300 square. ft. per gallon, 5 qts. of protector will cover 3,000 square ft. Keep in mind that your Hydro-Force injection sprayer is spraying 3 to 4 times the amount of product your normal pump sprayer is putting out. This means you must move quickly to avoid over-applying. Protector should be applied in even, slightly overlapping strokes. You should proceed from the entrance again working your way toward the farthest point.

Metering Instructions | Injection Sprayer AS08
Your solution hose pressure affects how much chemical is drawn from the Hydro-Force injection sprayer. Higher pressures decrease the ratio of chemical to water and lower pressures increase the ratio of chemical to water. To ensure your dilution ratios are accurate, use the chart below to determine what metering tip to use at your specified pressure. Your injection ratio may also change depending on the viscosity (thickness) of your concentrate chemical. The 1 to 8 ratio is based upon chemicals with a viscosity similar to water. The injection ratio can also be slightly affected by your main flow water temperature. This generally only changes the dilution ratio slightly, however.<br>
To change metering tips and dilution ratios, remove the clear tube at the bottom of the injection valve and remove the metering tip by turning counterclockwise. Insert the new tip and replace the tubing. Be sure that the screen filter is present at the end of the tubing.
Read the dilution instructions on the label of your chemical, then add the chemical full strength to your Hydro-Force container. Your chemical will then be diluted automatically at the ratio specified in the charts below based on your PSI and metering tip.<br>
If the recommended dilution ratio does not match exactly to a Hydro-Force metering tip, choose the tip that is closest and slightly adjust your rate of application by moving the sprayer faster or slower.

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