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LTD 3 Speedster Carpet Extractor by Mytee Products

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LTD3 Speedster Carpet Extractor


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Quick Overview

Superior performance – Add heat to your cleaning equation with the LTD3’s powerful 1,600 watt heater that breaks apart soil and set-in stains with 210˚ maximum heated solution. Along with its 500 PSI adjustable pump and powerful dual 3-stage vacuum motors, the LTD3 will get you the results you need, job after job. Continuous cleaning without the "bucket brigade" comes standard due to the integrated auto fill and pump-out system.
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User-friendly features – Including an auto-fill and auto pump-out (3.3 GPM), dual external vacuum ports, waist-high switch plate and regulator, waist-high prime valve with an industry-first recovery tank rinse hose, a solution tank drain, and auto-chemical metering kit.

Detailed Features

Dual Circuit Indicator Lighting with Audible Notification | The LTD3 Speedster sports a blue LED bar above the instrument panel giving the operator a clear visual signal that the unit’s power cords are properly connected to separate circuits. The audible notification aids the operator when they are not in line of sight of the extractor. Note: 20 amp draw per cord to operate machine at maximum performance.

Truckmount Style Recessed Meter Valve gives the operator the ability to adjust the concentration of their cleaning solution. Coupled with the LTD3’s auto fill and auto pump out capabilities, the operator can clean without the need to stop and add cleaning solution or stop and dump the waste tank.

Raised, filtered, vacuum stacks and an electronic vacuum shut-off float switch do everything to prevent waste tank overfill or an operator from causing potential damaged to the vacuum system.

Stylized Air Vents on the sides of the unit allow the heat generated by the LTD3 Speedster’s internal components to leave the extractor. Looks cool and keeps it cool.

10” Foam filled, semi pneumatic wheels allow for easy transport of the unit.

Hour Meter on rear of the LTD12 Extractor makes truckmount style pump maintenance a no-brainer. Change pump oil at manufacturer specified hours . Simple.

Lighted Pigtails and Extension Cord Connections assist operator when connecting and powering up the Speedster.

Optional features:

Hose Combo Packs - Vacuum and Solution Hose Combo's are available in either 1.5 inch or 2 inch vacuum hose.

Transport Tray - With the Transport Tray, there is now a convenient way to hold your wand, power cord, 2″ vacuum hose (up to 50 ft.), chemical & upholstery tool. It’s simple, just attach the transport tray to your extractor unit and say goodbye to the burden of carrying around supplies.
The Transport Tray fits: Speedster® models, Speedster® LTD models, GrandPrix™, Kleen Safe™ and the Water Box.

De-foamer kit - Prevent foam build up in your recovery tank with the Auto Defoamer Kit.

Durability – Sleek new body design made from roto-molded polyethylene, 10” foam-filled, semi-pneumatic wheels and 4” locking casters for safe and easy transport.

Customer Service – Mytee® always offers a limited lifetime warranty and national network of service centers.

The new Speedster® LTD line of extractors will take your cleaning capabilities to the next level with the combination of power, versatility and efficiency. Available in both heated and cold water models, the Speedster® LTD will change the way that you look at portable extractors!

Additional Information

Manufacturer Mytee
Hose Set Optional Vacuum and Solution Hose Packages Available. See Product Options for information.
Vacuum Motor Setup Dual 3 Stage Vacuum Motors | 127" of Water Lift | 200 CFM Airflow
Water Pump 500 PSI Adjustable Piston Type Pump | 2.2 GPM Flow Rate
Wand See Product Options and our Carpet Wand category.
Solution and Recovery Tanks 12 Gallon Solution and Waste Recovery Tank
Heater 1600 Watt Inline Electric Heater | 210 Degree Maximum Cleaning Temperature
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