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Odor Eliminator by Steamway International

Odor Eliminator


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Quick Overview

This new problem solving technology breakthrough encapsulates the odor at its molecular source for permanent odor control, all that is left is one of three new mild fragrances (lemon lime, fresh scent, cinnamon spice).


• Can be applied direct, added to cleaning solutions, or wet fogged for air space treatment.
• Can be used on a wide variety of odors including smoke, skunk, mildew, fuel oil spills, tear gas, decomposing protein odors plus many more.
• Encapsulates odor molecules
• Eliminates odors rather than just covering them up.

Note: Always test fabrics for colorfastness before using. Always be aware some people and pets may be sensitive to certain fragrances. Overall or spot applications can be made depending on amount of contamination causing the odor. Odor Eliminator is most effective when the treatment solution comes in direct contact with the odor causing source.

1. For Spray or Mist Applications spray to treat an overall area, mix 1 part deodorizer with 8 parts water. For specialized treatment of contamination in a confined area, mix 1 part deodorizer concentrate with 4 parts water. For severe odor contamination situations, apply solution straight.
2. For treatment, apply uniformly with a pressure sprayer, trigger sprayer, or injection syringe. For spot treatment, apply the solution liberally (saturate spray) to the affected area. If required, the deodorizing solution can be injected into and around the affected area with a injection syringe. For best results, saturate contaminated area with solution.
3. For adding to cleaning solutions mix 2-4 ounces of deodorizer to each gallon of cleaning solution.
4. For Wet (Cold) Fogging: Mix one part deodorizer with one part water. use according to fogger manufacturer directions. Wear respiratory protection when fogging. rinse or extraction after application is recommended whenever reasonable and possible. If odor persists use Steam Way Enz Odor III.

Additional Information

Manufacturer SteamWay
Application / Use General Purpose Water Soluble Odor Counteractant and Deodorizer
Dilution(s) 1:2 - 64
Approvals No
Automatic Discounts Buy 4 Gallons and Receive 10% off!
Packaging 1 Gallon | 4 Gallons/Case
pH Not Applicable
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Lemon Scent
Cinnamon Spice Scent
Fresh Scent
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