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Prochem Peak GTX

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Peak GTX Truck Mount


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Peak GTX | 60 Gallon Waste Tank | 9.840-770.0 $20,721.54
Peak GTX | 100 Gallon Waste Tank | 9.840-793.0 $21,110.88
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Quick Overview

Prochem's Peak GTX has a proven track record of durability and performance. One of the only liquid cooled truck mounts under 20,000 available in the industry. Further, the simplified design makes operation and maintenance easier than ever. The patented heat exchange system provides plenty of heat for the PEAK's single wand operation. Plus, the tri-lobe blower provides the vacuum you need to get the job done right.


• Liquid cooled Kohler engine for long lasting reliability.
• Simplified design for no-hassle operation and maintenance.
• Improved heat and vacuum for the ultimate performance.
• Patented heat exchange system provides plenty of heat while eliminating the need to bypass water to the waste tank.
• Tri-Lobe blower designed in partnership with Prochem and Sutorbilt for the carpet cleaning industry provides smooth, • quiet operation.
• Perfect for large commercial jobs or de-flooding and water restoration work.
• Last Step Chemical Injection for long life of water pump and heat exchange system.
• 2-inch dual wand or 2-1/2 inch single wand operation on the same machine.
• Improved access and easy to remove hoods.
• Higher solution temperature. Superior heat control, keeps components cooler and extends life span.
• Redesigned blower/silencer interface that allows easier belt adjustments.
• Pulse isolating hose, reduces the vibration from the pump.

Solution Pressure Circuit – Creates up to 1000 PSI for carpet and hard surface cleaning.
Stainless Steel Chemical Pump – Stainless steel provides durability and eliminates corrosion issues.
Shutdown Identifiers – Diagnose cause of shutdown and correct the problem, limiting downtime.
Accessible Solution Screen and Check Valve – Easily accessible screen and valve make preventive maintenance quick and simple.
Aluminum Frame – Aluminum prevents rusting and corrosion issues.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Prochem
Engine 25 HP Kohler Liquid-Cooled Engine: 2850 RPM / 1200 @ idle
Water Pump Cat 3CP+ Pump: 1000 PSI @ 3.7 GPM
Vacuum Pump | Blower Sutorbilt Tri-Lobe T406 Vacuum Pump: 14" Hg
Kit Complete Installation Kit
Water Flow Rate 3.7 GPM
Waste Recovery Tank 60 Gallon - Optional 100 Gallon Waste Tank available
Wand Prochem Cast Quad Jet Carpet Wand
Water Hose 50 ft of Inlet Water Hose
Vacuum Hose 100 Ft of 2" Vacuum Hose
Solution Hose 100 Ft of 1/4" O.D. Pressure Hose
Product Dimensions L x W x H - 45 x 30.75 x 43"
Housing/Frame Warranty 2 Years
Warranty | Parts & Labor 2 Years
Documentation Operation and Service Manuals
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