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Smoke Off by Pro's Choice

Smoke Off

Pros Choice

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Quick Overview

Pro's Choice "Smoke Off" is a super concentrate that can be used to neutralize odor in fire charred structures or in a more diluted solution to eliminate smoke odor in carpet and furniture. Excellent as an additive to cleaning solutions to remove smoke odor from clothes, drapes, etc. Don't overlook the need for cigarette smoke odor removal from rental and resale properties.


Smoke Off is used to mitigate fire and smoke odor damage.

For treatment of charred surfaces: Dilute 3 to 4 ounces per gallon of water and saturate charred surface to control odor.
For treatment of hard surface contamination: Add 3 to 4 ounces of Smoke Off per gallon of cleaning solution and proceed as per cleaning direction on cleaning product..
For treatment of carpet: Dilute 3 to 4 ounces of Smoke Off per gallon of prespray solution and apply evenly to carpet at the rate of one gallon per 500 square feet. Follow with hot water extraction cleaning. In severe cases follow cleaning with a light misting of diluted Smoke Off (3-4oz. per gallon). Groom carpet and dry thoroughly prior to occupancy.

Additional Information

SKU CT2080
Manufacturer Pros Choice
Application / Use Multipurpose Smoke Odor Neutralizer
Dilution(s) 3-4 ounces per gallon of water
Approvals VOC Compliant
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Packaging 1 Quart | 12 Quarts/Case
pH @ Ready to Use: 6.5
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