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Space Spray Cherry - 1 Case - 4 Gallons

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Quick Overview

ODORx Space Spray is an industrial strength solvent based odor counteractant used by profession cleaners and restoration contractors to deal with mild to severe odor control applications. Space Spray is the ultimate pet odor counteractant for lasting spacial odor control. Space Spray is also an excellent room freshener after any in home cleaning or restoration service with only a single spray, JUST ONE.


Space Spray delivers powerful, long lasting deodorization and odor control due to its solvent based formulation that doesn't begin to immediately evaporate and lose its fragrance once sprayed. Unlike Space Spray, water based deodorizers begin to immediately evaporate once sprayed, even the strongest masking products, if water based, will only linger for a day or two at best.

• Lasting deodorization and odor control for a minimum of 5 days
• One spray freshens up an entire room. Note: - Low volume, fine mist trigger sprayers typically deliver about 1/20 to 1/10 of an ounce of liquid with each pull of the trigger. Most apartments and small homes only require 1 to 2 sprays per room for complete, lasting odor control for a minimum of 5 days. Increased application will greatly affect products strength and fragrance potency.
• Super concentrated, 2000+ sprays with fine mist sprayer at a cost per use of $0.05. Yep, that's only 5 pennies. (0.05 cents per spray is figured using the cost per ounce at a gallon price of $71.53 ($0.5582...) and the volume of a single spray as 1/10 of an ounce or 0.1 ounce)
• Handles your customer's psychological odors in severe situations such as grey and black water loses, sewage damage remediation, severe mold remediation, trauma and crime scene clean up, and decomposition.

Deodorization tip for Carpet and Upholstery Cleaners: Here are some cost effective and efficient ways to apply deodorization and odor control services during or prior to carpet or upholstery cleaning.
1. Use cleaning products such as presprays, rinses, or detergents with a clean, neutral, non-chemical fragrance. If a specific fragrance is requested it can easily be added to solutions without adversely affecting the efficacy of the solutions.
2. It is more cost effective and greater quality results are achieved when a cationic water based deodorizer is added to the in-tank solution and steam extraction is performed rather than post spray the water based product at a higher concentration. Post-spraying water based deodorizers after extraction cleaning will increase moisture levels and increase labor, negatively impacting drying times and operating costs.

Precautions regarding usage:
1. Space Spray should not be hot fogged! Use only ULV style wet foggers or misters that are solvent capable.
2. Test target surfaces in an inconspicuous area to determine adverse effect before overall use.
3. Evacuate treatment area of humans and pets before use. Ventilate well before reoccupancy.
4. Applicator should wear solvent vapor cartridge affixed respirator and gloves during product use and/or handling.
5. Careless, over application use may cause staining on some surfaces
6. Excessive use may adversely effect some synthetic fabrics and backings. Before injection, inspect carpet backing, excessive use of Space Spray may cause swelling on synthetic backing. To minimize swelling of carpet backing, prior to injection, add 1 part Space Spray to 3 parts Rubbing Alcohol.
7. Overuse may result in an objectionable, long lasting aroma in the treatment area.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Prorestore
Application / Use Space Spray User Guide
Injection Treatments: Using the Unject System or hypodermic syringe inject into contaminated area (floor, carpet backing, pad, etc.) To avoid swelling or other damage to synthetic carpet backing, inspect carpet backing before injection!
Contact Application: Lightly mist onto contaminated surface and brush in before and after cleaning.
Smoke Odors: Contact Application - Apply a small amount of Space Spray to a porous cloth, tamp off excess deodorant, and gently wipe over contaminated pre-cleaned surfaces such as the interior and/or backing of wood furniture, etc.
Odor Control Additive: 1-2 oz of Space Spray may be added per gallon of dry cleaning solutions or mineral spriits to improve the characteristic solvent odor and/or impart odor counteractant qualities to the cleaning solution.
Dilution(s) Ready to Use - Diluteable (See Application description above)
Automatic Discounts Buy 4 Gallons and Receive Case Quantity Discount
Packaging 1 Gallon | 4 Gallons/Case - Multiple Fragrances Available
pH Not Applicable
S.D.S. Cherry - Left Click to view .PDF | Right Click and Save Link As to Download .PDF
Citrus - Left Click to view .PDF | Right Click and Save Link As to Download .PDF
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