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Quick Overview

Fogger which allows for deodorizer to penetrate cracks and crevices to destroy odors, including cigarette, smoke, and musty smells, in any small room or enclosed area.


How and Why Fogging Works
At touch of the trigger, an electric pump forces liquid through a brass atomizing nozzle into a thermostatically controlled heating chamber in the barrel. The chemical is vaporized instantly, and a microscopic particles averaging 15 microns in diameter (a micron measures 1/25,00 an inch). By contrast, mist droplets range from 50 to 125 microns and spray droplets more than 125 microns. The tiny particle size allows the fog to spread and penetrate area being treated.

Getting the Most from Your Fogger
A dry fog is recommended. The dryer the fog the smaller the particles. Dryness of fog is controlled by the rate of flow of chemical through the heating chamber. This rate of flow is controlled by turning the adjustment knob clockwise for a dry fog, counterclockwise for wetter fog. Wet fog deposits a film of residue. This effect may be desired on trash cans, pavements, or building foundations. Never use a wet fog on plants, shrubs, or carpeting where the oily residue could have damaging effects. Keep the fogger about 10 feet away from the area being treated and let the fog drift in the desired direction. At this distance, any non vaporized particles of chemical will settle to the ground.

Fogging - For Use Outdoors Only
1. Allow the fogger to pre-heat for two minutes or more.
2. Carry the fogger as you would a suitcase, holding it about three feet off ground and away from your side.
3. Pull the trigger, conveniently located on the underside of the handle, to start the unit operating. Release trigger to stop.
4. Turn adjustment knob clockwise to obtain a dry fog. With a dry fog, you should see no moisture on a 8" x 12" minimum piece of paper or cardboard when you pass it through the fog about a foot from the barrel.
5. For continuous use (more than one minute) be sure the unit is adjusted for a dry fog or liquid will drip from end of barrel.

Preventive Maintenance
Be sure to spray clean water through the unit after each use and rinse out container thoroughly. Lubricate according to instructions below. Wipe unit with a dry cloth after each use. Some chemicals, when vaporized, may leave carbon or other residue inside the barrel. It is advisable to clean out the barrel with a rag or soft bristled brush occasionally to prevent accumulation of any foreign matter.
Oil-based chemicals provide lubrication for the fogger's pump and atomizing mechanism, and little additional maintenance is necessary. If fogger is used as a sprayer for water-base formulations, spray kerosene or oil-base material through the sprayer unit for lubrication.
Keep the unit in dust-free storage to prevent accumulation of dirt in its mcheanism. Never store unit with chemicals in container.
Foreign matter in the liquid can result in clogging the pump or nozzle. To insure proper operation it is recommended that clean material be used, or that it be filtered through cheese cloth if foreign matter is present.

Trouble Shooting Guide
1. Symptom: Poor fog quality
Problem Cause: 1. Low voltage. 2. Too light a gauge extension cord. 3. Poor grade fogging material
Corrective Action: Change to another power source.

2. Symptom: Dripping
Problem Cause: 1. Nozzle loose. 2. Excessive chemical output. 3. Worn out Barrel Assembly. 4. Other-see poor fog quality.
Corrective Action: 1. Tighten securely. 2. Adjust to drier output. 3. Replace with factory replacement assembly only.

3. Symptom: No fog- No spray (unit vibrates)
Problem Cause: 1. Nozzle obstructed. 2. Pump plugged. 3. No power plug.
Corrective Action: 1. Remove and clean nozzle with sharpened wooden toothpick. Do Not Use On Metal Object. 2. Insert toothpick into hole at bottom of pump and pick out foreign material. 3. Check electrical connections, fuse and extension cord.

4. Symptom: No fog - Stray OK
Problem Cause: 1. Worn-out Barrel Assembly. 2. Water base insecticide.
Corrective Action: 1. Replace with factory replacement assembly only.

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