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El Diablo is the Gold Standard for Truckmounts in its weight class. El Diablo received the Gold rating from CRI (Carpet & Rug Institute) for meeting the highest standards for equipment in its class... and for good reason! Instantaneous high heat performance and Kunkle valve supported dual wand cleaning all in an easy to maintain carpet and tile cleaning machine.


Everything is easily accessible and spaced for easy access—chemical feed is directly through the pump and adjustment through the flo-meter (no chemical diaphragm pump)—no heat exchangers to challenge your waste tank with bypass dumping of hot water or a diverter valve with solenoids and moving parts to perplex your distributor’s service department as to what is wrong with this thing! The El Diablo weighs approximately 700 pounds and can be mounted in either the rear or side of a van. A rear installation allows a vacuum hose reel to set next to the unit, leaving the rest of the van open. (download a PDF showing the van layout options).

Powerful: Now with a Kohler Command Pro 27 HP EFI engine to directly drive a Roots 45 blower with direct 2-1/2 inch plumbing from the stainless steel waste tank to the blower and out of the blower to the silencer system - providing maximum airflow and vacuum. (The first customers are asking if there is a way to turn the vacuum down).

El Diablo's High Performance allows the ability to have exceptional long vacuum hose runs on difficult commercial jobs—up to 700 feet, with performance that rivals the performance of units using 47 or 56 blowers—units which cost $25,000, plus!! High performance means outstanding water restoration capabilities, as well as dual wand operation.

High Quality means using the very best components that are industry proven: Kohler 27 HP V-Twin engine is the best engine in overall performance and torque; the Roots 45 blower is the industry leader in reliability and quietness; the Cat 3CP pump with a clutch is simply the best in the industry. The 75 gallon waste tank is stainless steel and guaranteed for 5 years. The waste tank features an aluminum waste basket for easy maintenance and an automatic pump out option. A 195,000 BTU diesel heater delivers consistent 225 degree cleaning temperatures, even when dual wanding.

El Diablo Carpet cleaning unit with 125 feet of high quality vacuum and high pressure solution hose; 2-jet S wand with 1,200 psi valve; 6 gallon diesel tanks with diesel heater (10 gallon belly mounted propane tank with propane heater).

Customer Testimonials:

“I wouldn’t have believed it if I didn’t see it with my own eyes” (220 degree heat and climbing in 25 seconds)! Cleaner in Huntsville, AL

“We do commercial cleaning and dual wand at 250 feet with each hose every night—unbelievable for a number 4 blower” Sam Castro, 5280 Commercial Cleaning, Denver, CO

“We like selling equipment that makes friends out of our customers, not enemies. We’ve won a lot of friends selling the El Diablo!” Aaron Kidwell, Central California Cleaning Supply, Bakersfield, CA

“I traded in my El Diablo for a $24,000 truck mount that had a 5.6 blower and big water- cooled engine. I realized my mistake after 4 hours with the new unit and returned it the next Monday for my El Diablo. My El Diablo had more heat and better vacuum/airflow that the bigger unit” Aaron Cole, Moonlight Cleaning, Kansas

“I’ve had tremendous results cleaning stone and tile with my El Diablo running at 1,500 psi and 220 degrees with the turbo tools—the grout turns white!” California cleaner, Los Angeles, CA

“We clean commercial and residential buildings and run 13 El Diablos. Speed and results are important and the El Diablo’s deliver in spades!” John & Darrel Sand, Bear Steam Cleaning, Denver, CO

“Today I’m having my third El Diablo installed. The heat and vacuum are unbelievable. Why would someone pay $80k for a truck mount when you can have the very best for 75% less money?” Larry Trujillo, Trujillo Steam King, Pueblo, CO

“I’ve never seen anything quite like an El Diablo truck mount for the performance and value” Craig Jasper, Cleaning and Restoration Institute

Additional Information

SKU MB300011
Manufacturer MasterBlend
Request For Quote Yes
Engine Kohler Command Pro 27 HP EFI Engine
Water Pump Cat Pump 3CP pump with clutch
Vacuum Pump | Blower Roots 4.5 Whispair DSL Blower | 450 CFM
Kit Complete Installation Kit
Water Flow Rate 4.5 GPM
Waste Recovery Tank 75 Gallon Stainless Steel Waste Tank
5 year warranty
Wand 2-Jet 1,200 PSI S-bend Carpet Wand
Water Hose 50 Ft. of Fresh Water Hose
Vacuum Hose 125 Ft. of 2" Vacuum Hose
Solution Hose 125 Ft. of 1/4" High Pressure High Temperature Goodyear Neptune Hose. One section with ball valve for easier tool connection when machine is running.
Product Dimensions Diesel - W x H x L: 35 x 46 x 5 in. Propane - W x H x L: 35 x 42 1/2 x 55 in.
Housing/Frame Warranty 5 Year on Stainless Steel Waste Tank
Warranty | Parts & Labor 2 Years
Documentation Installation, Operation and Service Manuals
Manufacturer Link(s) MasterBlend

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