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UV Light Kit - AX174KIT by Bridgepoint Systems

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  • UV Light Kit - AX174KIT by Bridgepoint Systems
  • UV Light for Urine Detection
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UV Light Kit - Rechargeable Lithium Ion

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UV Light Kit - Rechargeable Lithium Ion $255.80
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Quick Overview

This powerful UV light allows you to quickly identify urine stains in carpet. Your customers will be amazed at what you find in their carpet, and you'll be amazed at how much urine treatment adds to your bottom line!


• Fluoresces up to 11X more than our previous models of UV lights.
• A compact, aluminum case takes a beating and will last longer than plastic versions. Holds everything you need, amber detection glasses, UV light and charger.
• The rechargeable battery features the latest in lithium ion technology and will hold a charge for 3-4 hours, charge after charge. Older Ni-MH batteries quickly lose the ability to hold a charge for long periods after multiple charges.
• The smart charger prevents overcharging and extends battery life.
• 395 nm
• Powered by three 2600mAh 3.7V lithium ion batteries.
• (3 CREE) – 3 watt LED lights – 9 watts total
• Double O-rings for superior water seal; IP 66 waterproof
• Recessed button for protection
• Aircraft grade aluminum
• Hi Temp Protection Auto Shut Off
• Glass lens (not cheap plastic)

The optimal wavelength for UV lights for spot and stain detection on carpeting is between 385 and 405nm. Anything above 405nm shows as purple, visible light and is not actually creating fluorescence. A more focused light has a high level of intensity in the optimal range and will fluoresce urine more brightly. A typical UV light using older technology has a broader range of electromagnetic radiation and will generally not work as well in daylight conditions. When testing a light, make sure to judge it by how well it fluoresces the desired material, not by how much visible (purple) light is seen, as purple light is just wasted energy. A simple, and sometimes scary, way to check the effectiveness of a light is to find the nearest restroom and test it with the light on and off. Wear amber UV glasses as this will improve the detection of urine by creating a greater visual contrast.

WARNING: Do not place the batteries into the light backwards. Doing so may damage the light. The positive end (the end with the nub) must be placed facing the head of the light. The negative end (smooth end) must be placed facing the back of the light (the end with the button).

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