VaporSHARK Industrial Odor Control System


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VaporSHARK System Combo | 5-Pack 3X Industrial Membranes $901.25
Single | 3X $46.35
Single | Lemon $45.35
Single | S.O.S. $45.35
5-Pack | 3X $196.98
5-Pack | Lemon $196.98
5-Pack | S.O.S. $196.98
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Quick Overview

The VaporShark is designed to provide a simple, safe solution to tough odor problems in areas up to 50,000 cubic feet. For use with 3X Industrial, S.O.S. (Smoke Odor Solution) and Lemon* Membranes.


A neutralizing dry vapor is diffused as air passes over replaceable “breathing” membranes to quickly penetrate all porous surfaces, ridding the area of residual malodors. The sealed membranes contain a powerful, proprietary blend of natural oils that are safe, effective, and provide long-lasting neutralization without creating ozone or leaving any residue.

The VaporSHARK does not require evacuation of the treatment area during use and a cleanup/recovery period is not necessary. It will not oxidize materials; damage fabrics, rubber or adhesives, or affect electrical components.

• Typical Membrane life is 270 Hours
• Dimensions: 16" H x 8" W x 17" L
• Up to 5 VaporSHARK 3X Industrial membranes, available in convenient single packs and 5-packs.

• Restoration Projects
• Restaurants/Bars
• Animal Shelters/Veterinary Facilities
• Wherever quick, powerful deodorization is required!

Available VaporSHARK Membranes:
• Single | 3X Industrial
• Single | Lemon (for use WITH 3X membranes to add a lemon scent)
• Single | S.O.S. (Smoke Odor Solution)
• Five-Pack | 3X Industrial
• Five-Pack | Lemon (for use WITH 3X membranes to add a lemon scent)
• Five-Pack | S.O.S. (Smoke Odor Solution)

  • VaporSHARK Product Data Sheet (.PDF)

  • Additional Information

    Manufacturer Vaportek
    Manufacturer Link(s) VaporTek - Simple Solutions for Tough Odors

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