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Eliminator Spray System by Serum System

Eliminator Spray System

Serum Systems

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Eliminator Spray System Standard Package - Includes the Eliminator, 1 Pail of Serum 1000 and 1 Pail of Accelerator $4,695.00
Serum 1000 | 5 Gallon Pail $145.00
Serum 1000 Accelerator | 5 Gallon Pail $286.00
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Quick Overview

The Eliminator Spray System from Serum System is a waterless, low pressure, low volume, soft wash, radio remote controlled, surface cleaning and brightening system. Unlike standard airless sprayer systems, the Eliminator enables full control of a normally uncontrollable chemical reaction to greatly enhance cleaning results without ever wasting product. The “Eliminator” is to the Remediation Industry what Truck Mounts are to the Carpet Cleaning Industry. The “Eliminator” confirms and enables the Serum System.


The Serum Eliminator Spray System is a mobile or stationary spray system designed to control and apply a chemical reaction that cannot be stopped, all without waste. This solution is intended to clean all types of organic matter quickly and completely. It instantly removes staining of porous and non-porous surfaces to return them back to original appearance. The process changes the static charge of a surface , modifying that surface to extend the time it takes for recontamination to occur (up to 90 days plus).

The Eliminator System can be used for all types of Remediation and Disaster Recovery projects including but not limited to:
• Mold Stain Clean Up
• CAT 1 to CAT 3 Clean Up
• Trauma Clean Up
• Crime Scene Clean Up
• Basement Clean Up
• Craw Space Clean Up
• Attic Clean Up
• Exterior Building Clean Up
• Odor Elimination In Fire Damage
• Moldy Lumber Clean Up
• New Construction Cleanup
• Statue and Monument Clean Up
• Or Any Other Organic Material Cleanup

The Reaction:
The Eliminator is designed to allow a normally uncontrollable chemical reaction to be controlled and used to clean and brighten surfaces without waste. In years past, many companies have offered accelerator components to be added to Hydrogen Peroxide to increase its performance. The accelerator always had to be added by a person to the volume of hydrogen Peroxide solution in order to accomplish the enhancement. Once the accelerator is added to the Hydrogen Peroxide, it starts a chemical reaction that can not be stopped and the reaction continues for several hours until the total solution is rendered ineffective and has to be discarded. If not used, its discarded as expensive waste.
The Eliminator changes all that. The Eliminator automatically mixes the Hydrogen Peroxide solution, Serum 1000, at a fixed ratio of 18:1 with our Serum Accelerator. Because it mixes at the beginning of the application hose, there is no waste other than what is in the 1/4” ID application hose.

Radio Remote Controlled:
Normally on this type equipment, the application hose would have a trigger controlled valve to stop the liquid flow out of the wand. In the Eliminator system we use a radio remote system to turn the pump motor on and off. The reason: because we are controlling an uncontrollable reaction, the liquid in between the pump and wand nozzle can not be contained because of oxygen off gassing in that space. We install a check valve, with a 2 lb. crack pressure, just behind the spray nozzle to prevent liquid from continuing to run out of the hose and wand while the pump is turned off. As gas pressure builds in the hose and wand and reaches slightly over 2 lbs., it opens momentarily to discharge the small amount of pressure that has built in the hose and wand. It opens only momentarily to relieve pressure and re-closes to stop the liquid run out of the hose and wand. The radio remote system allows the operator to enjoy the convenience of a trigger controlled operation without the trigger controlled valve.

Operation Parameters
The Eliminator operates at a pressure of 120 psi and pumps at the rate of 0.5 gpm. All wetted metal parts are 316 Stainless Steel. All wetted plastic is polypropylene. All O rings and seals are either Viton or Teflon. The system is designed to withstand the rigors of the chemistry its pumping and extends the life expectancy of our equipment.

Mixing Control:
The Eliminator combines the two chemistries at a fixed rate of up to 18 parts Serum 1000 to 1 part Accelerator (1:18). The mix rate is controlled by a fixed orifice inside the machine cabinet and can’t be changed by the user. With this system the only waste is in the hose and with only a 1/4” ID hose, there is very little waste.

Power Consumption:
The pump is a dual apposed piston, positive displacement pump driven by a 120 VDC motor that consumes only 0.3 amps of power. The three 24 VDC solenoid valves consume less than 0.8 amps each of 24 volt power produced by a 24 VDC power supply that draws less than 0.5 amps of 120 VAC power. The entire system draws less than 4 amps at 120 VAC. This will allow the system to be powered by any normal circuit in most houses and buildings without fear of overloading circuits. It also can be operated via an inverter plugged into a cigarette lighter socket in a vehicle or a engine operated portable power supply without fear of overloading the power source.

Closed Loop System:
The Eliminator is outfitted with a tray between the wheels of the dolly to hold two five gallon pails, one of Serum 1000 and one of Serum Accelerator. The pail of Accelerator is connected to the pump via a closed loop chemical draw system. The Accelerator pail is fitted with an insert in the 2” opening to prevent spillage and provide a check valve inside a male connection to prevent leakage. The mating cap has a female check valve fitting that marries to the male connection in the insert. All the Accelerator liquid is contained within the closed loop system when installing or removing the cap or when in use. With a closed loop system, there is no liquid to be exposed to skin. This will protect un-gloved hands and fingers from the chemicals during exchanging empty containers for full containers.

Wetted Parts:
All wetted metal parts are 316 stainless steel. All wetted plastic parts are polypropylene. All parts were selected to withstand the rigors of the chemistry to which exposed.

The cabinet is a UL approved NEMA Class 4 enclosure making it completely watertight. NEMA 4 must exclude at least 65 GPM of water from 1-in. nozzle delivered from a distance not less than 10 ft for 5 min. Used outdoors on ship docks, in dairies, and in breweries. The cabinet material is polypropylene and holds all the electrical and mechanical components on two removable metal plates. In the unlikely event of a mechanical failure, the cabinet is designed to be removed and replaced with a new or re-manufactured one. There are four bolts holding the cabinet to the dolly and can be easily and quickly removed. The cabinet is fitted with a tamper evident seal to protect the warranty. All repairs are to be done by Serum Products at our facility. No field repairs are allowed by users or distributors. Our distributors will have a replacement cabinet in the unlikely event of a failure.

Selector Switches:
There are two selector switches on the front panel.
The left switch is the power switch and when the switch is actuated the green power light comes on.
The right switch has four positions.
Position 1: initiates a YELLOW light that indicates the pump motor is NOT operating and no chemicals are
Position 2: initiates a BLUE light and energizes solenoid valve one that allows Serum 1000 to be pumped to the
wand for application.
Position 3: initiates the RED & BLUE lights and energizes solenoid valves one and two that allows Serum 1000
(valve one) and Serum Accelerator (valve two) to be mixed at a 1:18 fixed ratio for application through the wand.
Position 4: initiates the WHITE light to energize solenoid valve three that allows any one of our other products
to be pumped and applied.

Check Valves:
The chemical pickup and delivery tubes inside the cabinet all have check valves to prevent back flow and keep all tubes full of liquid to prevent air lock in the pump. The check valves allow the pump to recover quickly after periods in the off position. The chemical pick up tubes have check valves at the end of the pick up tubes inside the pails. This keeps the liquid in the pick up tubes to remain full and prevents the liquid from draining back into the pail.

The delivery hose is 1/4” ID x 3/8” OD x 50’ polypropylene inner tube protected by an outer tough polymer coating material. The hose and its connectors are designed to survive our chemistry. The unit comes standard with one 50’ length of application hose with stainless steel quick disconnects. 50’ sections complete with stainless steel quick disconnects are available for an additional charge.

The welded, all aluminum, two wheel equipment dolly has two 10” solid rubber rimmed wheels allowing the unit to ride very softly even over ruff terrain. The dolly has stair climber bars protecting the wheels to allow the unit to be taken in and out of trucks and up and down stairs without hanging up on bumpers or the edges of steps. The aluminum dolly is painted via a powder coating process that is baked on and offers extremely good corrosion resistance. The dolly carries two five gallon pails that together when full, weigh 115 lbs. The installed cabinet weighs 25 lbs. When the dolly is rocked back for movement, the 25 lb. cabinet which now passes the center of gravity to shift the weight to your hands, is counter balance by the 108 lbs. on the other side of the center of gravity allowing the dolly to feel very light and is easily moved about.

All tools on board to accomplish any type and size job:
All the tools you would need to accomplish the spraying job is on board the dolly. It has hose cleats on the back side of the dolly to hold up to 200 feet of hose. All hose sections come standard with stainless steel quick couplings. It has an aluminum 2” tube on the upright for holding wand extensions. It has two cleats on the opposite side upright to wind up the power cord. It carries two full five gallon pails, Serum 1000 and Accelerator, on board, connected and ready to spray. You only have to bring spares if needed. Its always ready to spray!!! This allows you to use the system on small and large jobs. No job too small or too large for the Eliminator. Its there for you to use on any remediation job...mold clean up, water loss clean up, crime & trauma scene clean up, meth house clean up, smoke odor, soot and smoke caused by fire and any job requiring clean up of organic contamination.

Eliminator Spray System Features and Technical Specifications
• Waterless Operation, no external water sources are necessary during operation
• Pump - Opposed dual cylinder, reciprocating cam drive, positive displacement
• Chemical Closed Loop System: Installed on Position 3 pail connection
• Low Pressure Operation @ 120 psi
• Nozzle - 25 degree spray angle with male quick couple plug, 45 degree available
• Low Volume Application - 0.5 Gallons per Minute
• Solenoid Valves: 3 Stainless Steel, 24 VDC, 20 Watts Each
• Industrial Grade Electrical Switches
• Fixed Mixing Ratio - 1:18
• Radio Remote Controlled - 3 Volt DC (Two AA Alkaline Batteries), with E-Stop, Water Resistant
• Radio/Transmitter Range - 900 feet
• Radio Transmitter is on board spray wand for ease of use and full operating technician control
• Radio Receiver: 24 VDC, Multiple Channels, Sync Lock with Transmitter
• Modifies the static charge of applied surfaces
• Brightens Surfaces through carefully controlled oxidation reaction using Serum System Serum 1000 and Serum Accelerator
• Safe on ALL Surfaces
• ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY process leaving behind no harmful chemicals, simply hydrogen and oxygen as byproducts of the reaction.
• No chemical waste, no chemical cleanup
• All wetted metal parts are STAINLESS STEEL
• Viton Seals & 'O' rings
• Spray Hose Construction: 1/4” I.D. polyproplene
• Supply Hose - 50 foot section with 1/4” Stainless Steel Quick Disconnects
• Can use up to 200 feet, add up to 3 additional 50 foot hose sections
• Built in storage for hoses, power cord, and all tools
• Stainless Steel Wand
• Wand Extension Holder
• Stair Climber Rails on dolly for ease of mobility, protects cabinets internal components and strengthens frame
• Powered fan cooling for cabinet
• Supplied 10' Electrical Cord with on board storage - Electrical Plus is a self resetting GFI
• Power: 120/240 VAC, 50/60 Hz Cycles - Input: 120/240 VAC 50/60 Cycle, Output: 24 VDC-4.17A, 100W
• Water resistant cabinet enclosure that is UL tested and approved
• Ability to spray ALL of Serum Systems chemicals solutions
• Two wheeled, powder coated aluminum constructed cart is lightweight, highly portable, and easy to handle
• Cart Weight: Loaded with 2 full 5 gallon Serum 1000 and Serum Accelerator - 180 LBS., Empty Cart - 55 LBS.

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