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Quick Overview

The Electrogen Thermal Fogger is a versatile odor control application tool. The ElectroGen® produces "DRY FOG" that can penetrate deep into affected areas and impossible to reach interior cavities. A great addition to wet cleaning deodorizing and a must for fire and smoke damage.


The ElectroGen® converts one ounce of Thermo 55® into a 2,000 cubic foot deodorizing cloud - IN JUST 30 SECONDS! Specially insulated barrel produces smallest particle size. The machine comes with an instruction and maintenance manual. Insist on the Original...If it doesn't say Unsmoke®, it's not an Electro-Gen®, the industry's most durable electric thermal fogger.

Wet particles produced by conventional sprayers and ultra low vapor foggers may cause unwanted moisture problems inside wall cavities. The dry fog produced by the ElectroGen fogger consumes just 1 ounce of solvent based deodorizer per minute.

Remove the barrel and the Electro- Gen® also can be used as an electric sprayer to apply solvent or water based chemicals for deodorizing, disinfecting, flame proofing, pest control, fabric protecting, etc.

Deodorization Tips
Thermal fogging is the third step in the Prorestore® Structural Smoke Odor Removal Procedure.
Prior to thermal fogging:

Step 1
Suppress odor sources such as charred wood, or horizontal structural surfaces, etc. by low pressure spraying with a solution of 3-4 ounces (89ml - 118ml) ODORx 9-D-9 or ODORx Double-O per gallon of water.

A deodorizing pre-sealer for containing odors on structural surfaces such as charred wood, attic insulation, voids above suspended ceilings etc. can be prepared by adding the following to an empty 5 gallon container:
- 1 gallon (3.8 Liters) ODORx Unsoot #1
- 1 quart (0.95 Liters) ODORx 9-D-9
- 5 ounces (150ml) ODORx Last Resort™
- Fill the balance with water to make 5 gallons
Apply with low pressure electric sprayer or commercial airless paint sprayer. One gallon covers approximately 500 square feet.

Step 2
Vapor phase odor control is achieved by applying 2 ounces (60ml) of ODORx Crystal Odor Counteractant (C.O.C.™), per 100 sq. ft./9.3 square meter (of floor area) to floors throughout the area to be treated.

Step 3 - Thermal Fogging
A. When thermally fogging it is advisable to begin treatment at the
furthest inward point of the area to be treated and work your way back to the entry.
B. Close doors in rooms and closets after thermally fogging to contain fog in treated areas.
C. Treat rooms and closets prior to treating open public areas.
D. When thermally fogging indoors, pause after each 15 seconds of thermal fogging and release trigger for 30 seconds to allow barrel to re-heat to most efficient thermal fogging temperature.

How to properly and thoroughly remove cigarette and smoke odors from car interiors using OdorX Tabac-Attack WS (see Related Products) and Thermo 55 Tabac Attack
Here are some tips on how to remove tobacco smoke odors in vehicles. First you will want to clean the hard and soft surfaces of the interior with Tabac-Attack WS. Then you will want to thermal fog with Thermo 55 Tabac-Attack the interior along with these steps:
1. Close all vehicle windows, and start the vehicle.
2. Turn on the vehicle's heating system.
3. Fog inside the vehicle under the seats for 1 second and under the dash for 2 seconds.
4. Close vehicle with engine and heat running and wait 60 seconds.
5. Open the vehicle and turn on the air conditioning.
6. Fog inside the vehicle under the dash again for 2 seconds.
7. Close the vehicle with the engine and air conditioning running and wait 60 seconds.
8. Open the vehicle, shut off the engine and fog the interior for 2 seconds.
9. Close the vehicle.
10. Open the trunk, if applicable, and fog inside the trunk for 2 seconds.
11. Close the trunk and wait for at least 1 hour before re-occupying the vehicle.
Note that the times suggested are approximate, and that with experience you will be able to adjust the fogging times to suit various situations.

ElectroGen Thermal Fogger Maintenance
The Electrogen Thermal Fogger is extremely easy to maintain.
1. Make sure the unit has not been in use and that the barrel is cool to the touch. Remove the barrell
2. Pour any remaining solution back into its original container.
3. Rinse solution canister thoroughly. Add clean water and reattach canister to fogger. TIP - Add a small amount of dish soap to the water
4. Run fogger with barrel OFF for at least 1 minute.
5. Discard remaining liquid, dry out canister, replace and store.

Note: *Available in International Voltage for Special order.

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