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OdorX Thermo 55 Tabac Attack Cigarrette Smoke Removal

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  • Thermal Fogging Tobacco Smoke Odor
  • Formally known as UNSMOKE Thermo 55 Tabac Attack

Thermo 55 Tabac Attack


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Quick Overview

Enter the highly anticipated ODORx TABAC-ATTACK product system. ODORx’s new TABAC-ATTACK products are designed to permanently remove tobacco related smoke odors. The TABAC-ATTACK products deodorize materials and surfaces by reversing the ways by which materials become malodorous.


• STEP 1: Suppression spray with ODORx TABAC-ATTACK. Dilute TABAC-ATTACK with water per product label instructions. Spray affected materials and surfaces in a manner which prevents run-off and streaking. Add to wall and fiber cleaning solutions as needed.

• STEP 2: Strategically place ODORx TABAC-ATTACK DEODORIZING DISCS in affected space to assist in the odor removal process. Discs can be placed on any horizontal surface, inside air ducts and in air movers. ODORx TABAC-ATTACK DEODORIZING DISCS are a gel technology that produce a clean scent that is long lasting, pleasant and can be used virtually anywhere deodorization of tobacco related odors is desired.

• STEP 3: Thermally fog affected materials and space with ODORx TABAC-ATTACK THERMO-55 FORMULATION. The ODORx TABAC-ATTACK THERMO-55 FORMULATION is a ready to use solvent based formula that is the final step in permanently removing tobacco related odors.

Additional Information

SKU UP433002907
Manufacturer Prorestore
Application / Use Thermal Fogging Smoke Odor Counteractant | Tobacco Smoke Odor Removal
Thermo 55 Tabac Attack User Guide
Dilution(s) Ready to Use | Do not Dilute
Automatic Discounts Buy 4 Gallons and Receive 10% OFF!
Packaging 1 Gallon | 4 Gallons/Case
S.D.S. Left Click to view .PDF | Right Click and Save Link As to Download .PDF
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