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Quick Overview

OdorX’s Thermo 55 Tabac Attack is chemically formulated to permanently remove tobacco related smoke odors from difficult to treat spaces, cavities, rooms, even entire structures that have been affected by tobacco smoke. This solvent based formulation is designed for the thermal fogging method of malodor treatment.


• STEP 1: Suppression spray with ODORx TABAC-ATTACK. Dilute TABAC-ATTACK with water per product label instructions. Spray affected materials and surfaces in a manner which prevents run-off and streaking. Add to wall and fiber cleaning solutions as needed.

• STEP 2: Strategically place ODORx TABAC-ATTACK DEODORIZING DISCS in affected space to assist in the odor removal process. Discs can be placed on any horizontal surface, inside air ducts and in air movers. ODORx TABAC-ATTACK DEODORIZING DISCS are a gel technology that produce a clean scent that is long lasting, pleasant and can be used virtually anywhere deodorization of tobacco related odors is desired.

• STEP 3: Thermally fog affected materials and space with ODORx TABAC-ATTACK THERMO-55 FORMULATION. The ODORx TABAC-ATTACK THERMO-55 FORMULATION is a ready to use solvent based formula that is the final step in permanently removing tobacco related odors.

Important Note regarding use: Using this Thermo 55 products without a thermal fogging device will severely reduce the ability of the product to deodorize as intended. Thermally fogged solutions are delivered to the treatment area by means of thermal atomization of the solution into a very small particle size, similar in size to the smoke odor molecules and source material off gassing tobacco odors. If a "spray and go" method is necessary, we recommend OdorX Space Spray for lasting, spacial deodorization.

Additional Information

SKU UP433002907-GRP
Manufacturer Prorestore
Application / Use Thermal Fogging Smoke Odor Counteractant | Tobacco Smoke Odor Removal
Thermo 55 Tabac Attack User Guide
Dilution(s) Ready to Use | Do not Dilute - For use in thermal fogging equipment
Approvals Not Applicable
Automatic Discounts Buy 4 Gallons and Receive Case Quantity Pricing
Packaging 1 Gallon | 4 Gallons/Case
pH Not Applicable - Non aqueous solution
S.D.S. Left Click to view .PDF | Right Click and Save Link As to Download .PDF
Manufacturer Link(s) Prorestore Products

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