Valves and Repair Kits

Sun-Belt USA stocks a large assortment of Valves, Valve Repair Kits and Triggers for valves on chemical sprayers, carpet cleaning wands, stair tools, upholstery tools and detailers from manufacturers like Prochem, Production Metal Forming, Westpak Tools, California Metal, Kingston Valves, Multisprayer and Spraying Systems.
Valve Repair Kits: If a valve is leaking from the valve stem, it is very likely that the stem seals have worn out, allowing water to move past the stem and leak out. If available, a soft goods or o-ring seal kit is all that is required. If the valve stem is worn at the trigger point, the valve may not open fully. If this occurs, replace the entire valve stem assembly with the appropriate valve stem repair kit.
Note: If the valve is leaking from either the inlet or outlet fitting, the valve body could be warped or cracked. If this is the case, the entire valve should be replaced as a repair kit do nothing to fix the leak. A damaged valve body can be caused by normal operation over time due to the high heat/pressure environment. A common cause for a cracked valve body on new valves is in cold weather climates when the valve is allowed to freeze. The frozen water expands inside the valve and causes the body to crack under the pressure.
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