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Parts Breakdown for Hydroforce Injection Sprayer

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Hydroforce Injection Sprayer Parts


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Product Name Price Qty
A | 1/4 Male Quick Connect | AH102B $5.95
B | Strainer Body | NA0802 $3.14
C | Strainer | NA0803 $2.63
D | Strainer Adapter | NA0804 $4.34
E | Insulated Handle | NA0806A $25.03
F | Backup Washer | NA0807 $5.88
G | Water Nozzle with O-Ring | NA0808 $11.15
H | Injector Valve Complete | NA0809A $86.18
I | Viton O-Ring | NA0837 $1.59
J | Check Valve Spring | NA0810 $3.22
K | Formed Bottle Cap | NA0812 $6.22
L | Cap Liner | NA0838 $1.70
M | Steel Ball | NA0811 $3.64
N | Spacer | NA0813 $1.98
O | Viton O-Ring | NA0814 $2.51
P | Suction Nut | NA0815 $6.73
Q | Metering Tip (Yellow) | NA0816 $4.35
R | Clamp HF Draw Tube | NA0818 $1.07
S | Tubing | NA0817 $3.27
T | 1/4" x 1/8" Hose Barb | NA0839 $2.10
U | Acorn Strainer | NA0840 $4.11
V | 5 Quart Container | AS68 $22.95
W | Hose Assembly (HP) | NA0828

Regular Price: $34.68

Special Price: $21.42

X | 1/4" Femaile Flow Thru | BR337 $7.95
Y | Veejet Brass 1/4" Female | B280 $13.11
Z | 18" SS Extension | NA0833 $32.90
a | 1/4" Male Flow Thru | BR335 $5.25
b | Spray Gun | 100010 $34.95
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Quick Overview

Maintaining your Hydroforce Injection Sprayer with OEM parts is always more cost effective than purchasing a new Injection Sprayer. Use the parts breakdown diagram to find the parts you need to repair your Hydroforce Injection Sprayer.


Using a few simple hand tools the Hydroforce Injection Sprayers can be broken down for maintenance in only a few minutes. Use the parts breakdown image to locate the correct part and corresponding part number for easy ordering.

Maintenance Tip: Keep an extra 5 quart jug, typically found on all injection sprayer models, full of fresh water on your chemical shelf. At the end of the day, switch out your solution jug for the fresh water jug and allow the injection sprayer to run for about a minute. This rinses the injection sprayer internals of chemical residue. This is a critical step when using your injection sprayer for the application of teflon based carpet protectant as these chemicals will dry to as a crystallized polymer and possibly clog up the DEMA valve in your injection sprayer.

Note: Revolution Injection Sprayers AS08R Models
If you have a Revolution Injection Sprayer, the OEM replacement part number for the adjustable DEMA Injection Valve is NA0850A

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