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Browning | Coffee Stain

Browning | Yellowing | Coffee and Tannin Stain Removal

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  1. TCU Neutralizer

    TCU Neutralizer
    TCU Neutralizer is multi-purpose acid detergent spotter and urine neutralizing treatment.Learn More

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  2. Browning Treatment and Coffee Stain Remover Liquid Gallon

    Browning Treatment and Coffee Stain Remover
    Removes browning due to over wetting. Reduces intensity of yellowing from urine stains. Effective on both carpet and upholstery stains, old or new! Specifically developed for the removal of cellulose browning. Learn More

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  3. Coffee and Tannin Spotter by Prochem

    Coffee and Tannin Spotter
    Use on carpet and water-cleanable upholstery to remove coffee, tea, cola, and tannin. Also removes some ink and dye spots, berry stains, urine and alkaline stains. Easy to use, no mixing required, and rinses easily with water.Learn More

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  1. Chemspec Spray'N Go Coffee Stain Remover

    Spray N' Go
    Spray N' Go by Chemspec removes coffee stains and other tannin stains with ease and efficiency. Works on Betadine® and iodine spills. Just spray on spot, allow to dry and vacuum. One 2 pound jar makes over 5 gallons of ready-to-use spotter. Learn More
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  2. Coffee Stain Remover by Bridgepoint Systems

    Coffee Stain Remover
    This powdered sodium metabisulfite stain remover is ideal as an additive to upholstery cleaning detergents or shampoos to clean white cottons, canvas or Haitian, Tahitian or natural cotton upholstery fabric.Learn More

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  3. Yellow Rx Browning Treatment by Prochem

    Yellow RX
    A specialty problem-solver formulated to remove yellow and brown discolorations on nylon, olefin and many natural fibers resulting from chemical residues, environmental or structural conditions. Yellow Rx is also an excellent treatment for removal of “cellulose browning” on many fibers. Meets specifications for use on stain-resistant carpet. Learn More

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  1. Soap Free Procyon Extreme Carpet Cleaner Concentrate in 1 gallon container

    Procyon Extreme Carpet Cleaner
    Procyon Extreme will handle those tough carpet and upholstery cleaning jobs. Soap free, detergent free, odor free Procyon Extreme! packs all the POWER of clean and yet maintains the environmental safeness of all our cleaning products. This powerful cleaning product is also used for encapsulation and is WoolSafe approved.Learn More
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