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Citrus gels are used to dissolve oil based, solvent based, and greasy spots on carpet and upholstery fibers. They are typically formulated with citrus, orange oil based solvents are considered non-volatile solvents and therefore will not evaporate quickly and must be rinsed thoroughly to prevent rapid resoiling or a dark spot due to left over solvent residues may appear. A citrus solvent or non-volatile solvent is needed when additional dwell time is necessary to thoroughly dissolve the spot. When cleaning large spots using non-volatile citrus solvents, we highly recommend rinsing the area with a volatile solvent to ensure that no solvent residues are left to dwell in the carpet fibers.
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  1. Power Gel by Pro's Choice in gallon size and tube

    Power Gel
    Pro's Choice Power Gel is the most concentrated blend of emulsifiers engineered to dissolve and suspend petroleum based soils and extremely fine particulate soils. Learn More
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  2. Spotter CGS Citrus Spotting Cream

    Spotter CGS
    Steamway's Spotter CGS citrus spotting cream is a special spot removing formulation for gum and grease spots. Spotter CGS also works great on Glue, Tar, Adhesives, Ink and other stubborn oil based spots on carpet and fabrics.Learn More

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  3. De Zov All d-limonene citrus solvent booster

    De Zov All - 1 Gallon
    Harvard De-Zov-All is a 100% biodegradable, powerful citrus based gel spotter that is the safest answer to the toughest degreasing, cleaning, spotting and stain problems for carpet cleaners Why pay more for the same chemical technology? De Zov All will do it ALL!Learn More

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  1. Gel Zov Citrus Gel Spotter

    Gel Zov - 1 Pint
    Gel-Zov is a uniquely formulated citrus gel spotter for use on carpet, upholstery, and most other washable surfaces. This product, when used correctly, safely removes gum, tar, grease, oil, crayon, lipstick, candle wax, and much more from all types of fibers. Learn More

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  2. Prochem Citrus Pro B845 1 Gallon

    Citrus Pro
    Add Citrus Pro to your pre-spray, extraction detergent, or tile cleaning solution to boost cleaning power on tough jobs like oily and greasy soil, asphalt track-in, food soil, and many other difficult soils. Safe on any water-cleanable carpet, upholstery, ceramic tile and grout. Learn More
    Starting at: $56.37

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  3. Chemspec Liqua Gel - LGCS - 1 Pint

    Liqua Gel
    Liqua Gel is a powerful, thick gelled citrus solvent spotter by Chemspec cleaning products. Removes tar, grease, ink, gum, glue, oils, adhesives and other stubborn spots. Dries from outside in for longer dwell time. Will not delaminate carpet backing when properly used. Liqua gel will not run like other thinner gel citrus solvents. Learn More
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  1. Pro's Choice Amazing Citrus Gel 16 ounce

    Amazing Citrus Gel
    Pro's Choice Amazing Citrus Gel is a powerful spot dissolver for tough to remove, oily, greasy spots that require a longer dwell time to fully dissolve. Unlike other gels, Amazing is similar to the consistency of a lotion and will stay on the spot giving the technician complete control of the product providing better possible removal results. Learn More
    Starting at: $9.94

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  2. Pro's Choice Citra Quick 1 Gallon

    Citra Quick Citrus Solvent
    Pro's Choice "Citra Quick" is a unique 100% concentrate blend of solvents and surfactants that rinses easily from the carpet. When you encounter carpet that looks more like asphalt a light spray of "Citra Quick" will instantly break the soil viscosity so that your subsequent cleaning procedure can easily lift the soil from the carpet. Learn More
    Starting at: $35.70

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  3. Pro Solve Gel 4.15 Ounce Tube

    Pro Solve Gel
    Pro's Choice "Pro-Solve Gel" is the perfect blend of solvents for the professional. Nail polish, ink, oil paint, latex paint, gum, tar, and many more impossible spots are easily removed with this amazing gel. Use Power Gel following application for unbeatable spot removal.Learn More
    Starting at: $7.95

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  1. Gel Break Citrus Solvent Gel Spotter

    Gel Break - 1 Pint 16 oz.
    Gel Break is a new and improved adhesive remove from Bridgepoint Systems. Easily remove sticky, oily spots and stains with this powerful d-limonene based gel, citrus solvent spotter.Learn More

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  2. Chemspec Professional Spot Lifter - 1 Gallon

    Professional Spot Lifter
    Professional Spot Lifter by Chemspec is a ready-to-use formula for spotting on oily stains. Simple "spray and blot" procedure. Effective on blood, soda, light grease, oil, tar, light coffee, tea, floor finishes, copier toner, spills, dirt, grime and more!
    Learn More
    Starting at: $35.33

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  3. Prochem Citrus Gel Solvent Spotter 1 Pint

    Citrus Gel
    Prochem's Citrus Gel is a safe, non-toxic, citrus based thickened spotting solvent. Ideal for removing spots on carpet or fabrics caused by asphalt, tar, auto grease and oil, food oils, crayon, lipstick, oily cosmetics, and even some fresh paint spots.
    Learn More
    Starting at: $18.08

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