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Paint, Oil and Grease Spotting | Non-Volatile Dry Solvents | Lipstick and Nail Polish Remover

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  1. Chemspec POG Paint Oil and Grease Spotter

    POG by Chemspec safely removes paint, oil, grease, tar, shoe polish, ballpoint pen, marking ink, nail polish, oxidized oil and more! Emulsifiable solvent system - can be diluted 4 to 1 with water. Grease removing solvency of dry solvents without the cost. Rinse thoroughly with a Chemspec detergent after use.Learn More

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  2. Pro Solve Gel by Pro's Choice

    Pro Solve Gel
    Pro's Choice "Pro-Solve Gel" is the perfect blend of solvents for the professional. Nail polish, ink, oil paint, latex paint, gum, tar, and many more impossible spots are easily removed with this amazing gel. Use Power Gel following application for unbeatable spot removal.Learn More

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  3. Quart sized Paint Oil and Grease Remover by Prochem

    Paint Oil and Grease Remover
    Advanced technology non-volatile dry solvent spotter. Removes tough oil-based spots like grease, oil, tar, dried oil-based paint, lipstick & nail polish, some inks and adhesives. Easily rinses with water, less hazardous formula. For carpet & upholstery spotting. Learn More

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  1. Steamway Spotter 701 1 Gallon

    Spotter 701
    This non-volatile solvent spotter is designed to remove old paint, oxidized oils, and grease along with many other hardened solvent soluble spots. Learn More

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  2. Oil Flo - A Safety Solvent Cleaner by Titan Labs shown in pint and gallon containers

    Oil Flo
    Oil Flo Safety Solvent Cleaner is non-volatile solvent cleaner for removing organic stains such as asphalt, tar, oils, tree pitch, adhesive stickers, gum, candle wax, silicon caulk, roof tar, oil, etc. It is a versatile and effective cleaner that works especially great for removing graffiti. Learn More
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  3. PIG Paint Ink and Grease Spotter from Bridgepoint Systems

    P.I.G. Paint, Ink & Grease spot remover by Bridgepoint SystemsLearn More
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  1. CitraZyme by Harvard Chemical Research

    CitraZyme is a powerful liquid emulsifier and detergent booster than can improve any cleaning solution. Add to any extraction cleaner or pre-spray at 1-2 ounces per ready to use gallon of prespray for extra cleaning power for extremely soiled areas especially where grease, soot, or food oils are a problem. Learn More

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