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Quick Overview

Leather Cleaner and Deodorizer eliminates bad smells from all types of leather as it gently cleans. It is not a perfume but a true neutralizer for better leather care.


Leather Cleaner and Deodorizer is a mild, water based cleaner that can be used on all P type, protected leathers and will not affect the leather's original properties or finish.

1. Shake the spray well before use.
2. Always pretest on a hidden area of the leather.
3. Apply Leather Cleaner and Deodorizer just after cleaning with Soft/Strong Cleaner or apply directly on clean leather.
4. Gently spray at a distance of about 12 inches and leave to dry.
5. If odors persist, proceed with another application of Leather Cleaner and Deodorizer.

Additional Information

SKU LM23000
Manufacturer Leather Master
Application / Use For all leathers
Dilution(s) Ready to Use
Automatic Discounts Buy 4 Liters and Receive 10% off!
Packaging 1 Liter | 4 Liters/Case
pH Not Applicable
Size Liter
S.D.S. Not Available
Manufacturer Link(s) Leather Master By Uniters

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