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Prorestore Bad Odor Block

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  • OdorX Bad Odor Block
  • Formally known as UNSMOKE Bad Odor Block

ODORx Bad Odor Block


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Rain Forest Block $4.23
Lemon Lime Block $4.62
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Quick Overview

Bad Odor Blocks™ are hermetically sealed odor counteractant wafers designed for used in mild to severe odor control applications. Opening the package releases the odor counteractant. The more the package is opened, the greater the potency.


Application: Strategically place in small room or closet, furnace plenum or duct system register, in the auto or wherever a fresher environment is desirable. Attach to intake of carpet dryer to control wet carpet odor during the drying process. See label for additional instructions. Available in different fragrances. Bad Odor Blocks will provide deodorization of affected areas for weeks.

Carpet cleaners and Restoration contractors love the Bad Odor Blocks ease of use and long lasting odor control.

Bad Odor Blocks are the one product you and your customers will appreciate being left on the job.

Usage Tip: Cut 2 slits at ends of packaging and tent by pinching plastic so that air can flow over the disc. This will create a long lasting fragrance that won't overpower. Powerful oils can cause damage to some surfaces. Leaving it in its plastic bag assures no damage to surfaces.

Volume Discounts:
Order 25-49 - $3.99 each
Order 50-99 - $3.77 each
Order 100 - $3.55 each

Special Pricing for Sun-Belt USA exclusive Rain Forest fragrance bad odor block.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Prorestore
Application / Use Crawl Spaces, Air Ducts, Bathrooms, Automobiles, RV's...etc.
Bad Odor Block User Guide
Dilution(s) No
Approvals No
Automatic Discounts Buy 25 and Receive 10% OFF!
Buy 50 and Receive 15% OFF!
Buy a Case and Receive 20% OFF!
Packaging 25 B.O.B.'s per Case
pH No
S.D.S. No
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